Stone Heart - for defending against unwanted advances

A spell to fortify one's self against the advances of a dangerous lover. A powerful magic spell for defending against the unwanted advances of an overly aggressive or dangerous lover.

A sharp or jagged stone must be obtained. The stone should be small enough so that it may be easily carried on one?s person and remain undetected. A sharp edged jewel suits the purpose well and cleverly hides its intent. A cut precious stone is suitable, a pearl or smooth opal-like stone will not do.

Four candles must be lighted at the midnight of a full moon and placed as shown below. The stone or jewel should be placed in their center.

Stoneheart Spell Image

The following invocation should be spoken aloud:

Bileth of the Orders of Powers
I beseech thee that thy power come to rest within this stone
A dangerous lover hath beset me
And need be so that their advances be rebuked and refused
In their presence let my heart be as stone
Its sharpness cutting, rough and cold
Bileth I beseech thee
Make this thing be so.

Extinguish the candles and carry or wear the stone at any time you fear need.

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