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A Summoning of the Spirits General

SUMMONING the Spirits General is call to the Kings, Dukes, Governors and Commanders of the legions for the gathering of the forces to a single will. No frivolous call, this summons should be only performed when the importance of the need is such as to not bring wrath and retribution upon ye.

Three candles need be lighted and placed in the form of a triangle. On a piece of natural paper, the form as follows must be drawn:

conjurer circle

This must be placed in the center of the candle's triangle and a circle must be drawn round the whole. Speak ye now the following Prayer of Protection:

Oh great and eternal virtue of the highest, which through thy disposition, these being called to judgment, Vaicheon, Stimulamaton, Esphares, Tetragrammaton, Olioram, Cryon, Esytion, Existion, Eriona, Onela, Brasim, Noym, Messias, Soter, Emanuel, Sabboth, Adonay, I worship thee, I invocate thee, I implore thee with all the strength of my mind, that by thee, my present Prayers, consecrations, and conjurations be hallowed and wheresoever wicked spirits are called, in the virtue of thy names, they may come together from every shore, and diligently fulfill the will of me the conjurer. Fiat, fiat, fiat, Amen.

Next is the invocation for the aid of the spirits:

I beseech thee by all the means I can, by thy holy names, grant me thy virtue and power, that I may be able to cite before me, thy spirits which were cast down that they may speak with me, and dispatch by and by without delay, and with a good will, and without the harm of my body, soul or goods. Gather thee now spirits of the Seven Winds and the Four Corners that all may pay heed to thy worker.

When the presence of the spirits is felt, ask quickly yet clearly that for which ye have called them. Make no long nor laborious entreatment of it lest ye tarry and lose favor. When ye have made request, dispatch and dismiss in earnest so that none may linger long and wreak havoc.

Cite the Dismissal of the Spirits:

Go now, take thy leave spirit unto the place predestined and appointed for thee, where the eternal virtue of the highest hath appointed thee, until I shall call thee again. Be thou ready unto me and to my call, as often as I shall call thee, upon the promise and pain of everlasting damnation.

Burn the paper with the flame of one of candles and bury its ash in consecrated ground.

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