Rising Sun of Desire

An excellent spell to inspire new desires, lift one from the doldrums and bring cheer to a weary heart.

At the rising sun, fill a cup with clean, fresh water.

When the sun has fully cleared the horizon, begin the spell.

Stand at an open window with the cup held in both hands.

Repeat the following invocation aloud:

Spirit of the Rising Sun I welcome thee once more
Let this day begin anew and let my heart in desire grow
Take from me my burden and burn it in thy light
Let my spirit deep within move from out of night.

Spirit of the Rising Sun I welcome thee once more
That songs of cheer may soon be heard as whispers in my ear
Let them grow and soothe mine mind, my heart that beats within
Spirit of the Rising Sun give unto me the will to win.

Spirit of the Rising Sun make this happy day
Continue through tomorrow, its path become mine way
Spirit of the Rising Sun these things I ask of thee
To take the old and sorrow
In addition, let me start anew.

When you have finished the invocation, drink the water from the cup. Take care to drink it all.

Repeat this spell as you feel the need.

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