Torn Asunder - A powerful spell for breaking relationships

To destroy the ties of an unmatched or endangered pair, is a serious undertaking and all consequent repercussions must carefully be taken under consideration before the casting of this spell.

It having been rationally determined that the effects of this spell are warranted and necessary, one need proceed as follows:

At the midday hour of any given Wednesday, you will need light a single candle and place it on a table. A length of natural twine, a hand in length, should be laid on the table. A small bowl of rainwater should be likewise set near.

Repeat the following incantation:

Single candle burning bright
Bear two yet be one
(Say the name of one individual)
(Say the name of the other individual)
Wrapped-up tight
Let them come undone
Unleash the spirit of discord
Unleash the spirit of suspicion
Let no small block remain ignored
As you build your partition

Holding the twine over the flame, carefully allow the fire to burn the twine in two. Immediately thrust the burning ends into the bowl of rainwater and extinguish the candle.

Each piece of twine should be buried in a separate location and half of the rainwater poured over each spot. Once this is done, the candle should be lighted and burned as often and for as long as possible until it has been fully consumed. The spell will be complete when the candle has been fully burned.

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