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A Spell for Wisdom and Knowledge

This spell can be used to enhance your ability to learn and acquire knowledge and wisdom rapidly. The spell works best when cast on the third night of the waxing moon.

You will need:

On the night you wish to cast this spell, go out to a quiet and secluded place. Once you have found a suitable place, kneel on the ground and meditate on your desire, be it general or specific. Think clearly, as to what it is you desire most in the way of wisdom or knowledge.

Next, take the three oak twigs and lay them flat on the ground to form a triangle. In the center of the triangle, place the index finger of each of your hands, tips side-by-side and held firmly against the earth, as if with both fingers you are pointing in unison at that one spot.

wisdom hands

Speak the following words aloud three times:

Seven Stars of the Seven Heavens,
Ancient Guardians of the light,
Impart to me, that which I seek,
Clear and true and bright,
Make now mighty what is weak,
In this single night.

Once you have finished speaking the words, pick up the twigs and, with the twine, tie them in a bundle.


Place the bundle in a secure place where it will remain undisturbed for three consecutive nights, including this first night. On the morning of the fourth day, the bundle may be removed and discarded.

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