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Witching Hour Sex

This passionate ritual is guaranteed to drive you wild! This ritual should be performed early in the evening.

To begin, light two beeswax candles and place them on a flat surface.

Place a container of your favorite massage or body oil near one of the candles. Next to the other candle, place a container of either honey or sweet strawberry jam. If you or your lover do not like honey or jam, feel free to substitute a food for which you have a passion in their place. Just remember, the sweeter the choice, the better! On a piece of paper, draw a pentacle large enough to place the oil, honey or jam into its center.

One at a time, place each item into the center of the pentacle and recite the following words:

Sweet and slippery
Passion's pleasures
Done in time or done in measures
In this item heat imbue
For this and all we choose to do!

Repeat this with each item. When completed, the items should be placed within arm's reach of the location chosen for lovemaking. Only after the items have been placed for use should you extinguish the candles.

Lovemaking will be best at midnight!

For this spell, you will need seven dried apple seeds, a sterile needle or straight pin, a beeswax candle, a few drops of your lover's favorite perfume or cologne, a small jar with a lid, a cotton ball and enough spring water to fill the jar half-full.

Light the candle and use the flame to sterilize the needle or pin if necessary. Prick one of your fingers with the needle or pin and dab the blood onto the cotton ball. Place the cotton ball in the jar. Into the jar, add the apple seeds, a few drops of the perfume or cologne, and enough water to fill the jar half-full. Before you place the lid on the jar, speak these words:

Night of passion and desire,
With this spell I do inspire,
To taste the meats and fruits, to feast,
With setting sun,
Eve of the Beast!

Place the lid on the jar and shake the mixture well. Extinguish the candle. Allow the mixture to sit for three days.

After the three days have passed, remove the cotton ball and wrap it in a napkin or piece of fabric. Place the package under the bed you and your partner share.

Dispose of the remaining mixture.


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