Witch Romance Spell from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Witch Romance

A pre-romance ritual used to draw the powers of the cosmos to your bed.

This spell can be performed at any time, day or night.

Light a single beeswax candle. Hold the candle with both hands. Speak the following words:

Spirits of the cosmos and all within
Bring your shining stars to the flame
Ignite the fires of the flesh
So that all desires unite
Spirits of the cosmos and all within
Find favor in this spell
Draw close to this place
Let loose your powers
And unleash your will
That all may be satisfied in your grace.

Having spoken the words, extinguish the candle. Set the candle down. Allow the candle to cool until the melted wax hardens.

Once again recite the invocation without the candle being lighted.

Light the candle again. Do not pick it up. Allow it to burn until the wax around the wick melts.

Extinguish the candle again. The spell is done.

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