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Rare Magic Witch Oils, Spells, and Rituals

Humans have used magic oils for thousands of years. Down through the centuries, witches and practitioners of the black magic arts have concocted and perfected recipes for these oils and their various uses. In addition, while most spells can be cast and rituals performed even in their absence, it has been proven repeatedly that the presence of potent magic oil, when incorporated into any magic spell or ritual, greatly enhances the effects of a spell casting or working.

Witch Oil Properties and Formulation

Witch Oils are the culmination of extensive research. Made with only pure, natural oil and ingredients, the recipes of time-tested magickal oils have been resurrected and made available to those practitioners of traditional witchcraft who know and appreciate the power-enhancing virtues of such oils in their practice of The Craft. This book contains sixteen spells and rituals that readily allow the incorporation of magickal oils, and yet, the spells can all be worked without the use of Witch Oils and in some cases, substitutions can be made as noted.

We encourage you to use these spells with the intent for which they were written, as a misuse of these spells could result in disastrous consequences. These spells are intended as curios and are to be used for personal entertainment purposes only. No guarantee is made, either written or implied, as to the individual outcome of these spells. The holder, owner or user of this book or any of the spells contained herein assumes all responsibility for their actions and shall hold the writers, publisher and distributor of this material harmless in all matters.

The Witch Oils Spells

Special Collections of Magic Spells