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Witchcraft Color Correspondences for Brown

Brown is a female color. It is the color of the Earth's energy, grounding, exercise, organization, solidity, the soil, practicality, solitude and honesty. Brown combines the prosperity of green with the intellect of yellow. Brown is used in magick primarily for centering, grounding, building, study, house and home, the accumulation of money and material things, healing plants and animals, finding lost items, gardening and decision-making.

Brown Correspondences:



CHAKRA: Feet Chakra and grounding


DAYS: Moon/Mondays - Tan Browns

Friday/Venus - All Browns

Saturday/Saturn - Dark Browns

NUMBER: 2 and 3

MAGICKAL TOOL: Wand, Salt and Goblet

SCENT/OIL: Birch, Cherry, Cloves Lilac, Rosemary, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Comfrey, Linden, Patchouli and Myrrh.

PLANT/HERB: Corn, Tansy, Ginseng, Willow, Lily, Ivy, Grains, Oats, Mushrooms, Orange Tree, Almond, Begonia, Daisy, Brown includes all of the aspects of yellow and green.

WOOD ANIMAL: Toads, Cowbird, Faeries, Dog, Ostrich, Gnomes, Wolf, Bison, Elves, Pigeon, Horse, Deer,Pelican, Turkey, Woodpecker, Ants, Snake Pheasant, Beaver, Goat, Moose Cow and Bull.

STONES: Rock Crystal, Smokey Quartz, Amber, some Tiger Eye, Sandstone, Granite, Pumice, and Turquoise.

TAROT: the four Pages and the four Tens.

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