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Witchcraft Color Correspondences for Gold

Gold is a male color. Gold channels the power of the Sun. It is the color of fortune, power, promotion, understanding and strength. In magick, gold is used for increasing understanding and knowledge, for harmonizing wills and emotions, for hope, fortune, money, healing, strength and success.

Gold Correspondences:



CHAKRA: None attributed


DAY: Sunday- Mental/Physical Action

Monday - Mental Actions

Wednesday - Physical Actions

NUMBER: 2, 3 and 0

MAGICKAL TOOL: Incense Burner, Candle Magick

SCENT/OIL: Frankincense, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Marigold, Ginger, Cedar, Musk, Tonka

PLANT/HERB: Sunflower, Marigold, Buttercup, St. Johns Wort, Chamomile, Mistletoe, Saffron, Begonia, Geranium, Morning Glory, Snapdragon, Daffodil, Rosemary, and Daisy.

WOOD ANIMAL: Canary, Goldfinch, Beetle, Chameleon, Antelope, Crow, Bobcat, Goat, Lion Mouse, Gull, Martin, Bear

FEATHER: Blessings of the Sun, success.

STONES: Gold, Petrified Wood, Topaz, Yellow Diamond, Pyrite, Yellow Jacinth, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Chrysolite, Goldstone, Malachite, Tiger Eye, Carnelian.

TAROT: None attributed

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