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Witchcraft Color Correspondences for Silver

Silver is a female color. Silver has similar qualities to white and is the color for purity, protection, ice, stars, potential and fame. Silver's uses in magick include divination, clairvoyance, energy, inspiration, defense and repelling spells.

Silver Correspondences:



CHAKRA: none associated

PLANET: Moon/Mutable

DAY: Monday/Mutable

NUMBER: None attributed

MAGICKAL TOOL: Wand, Cauldron, Crystal Ball

SCENT/OIL: Sandalwood, Wormwood, Myrrh, Lemon Frankincense, Honeysuckle, Anise, Cedar Heliotrope, Betony, Lavender, Parsley, Thyme.

PLANT/HERB: Rosemary, Woodruff, Mugwort, Marigold, Mustard, Rue, Sage, Tansy, St. Johns Wort, Betony, Burdock, Mint, Fern, Elder Flower, Heather, Lilac, Lily, Mint, Dahlia, Gladiola.

WOOD: Birch, Elder, Almond, Hawthorn, Ash, White Heather, Cedar, Coconut Elm, Hazel, and Juniper.

ANIMAL: Dove, Snowy Owl, Chameleon, Cat, Lizard, Magpie, Whale, Swan, Bear, Hawk, Lizard, Cat, Dog, Whale, Wolf, Praying Mantis, Dolphin.

FEATHER: psychic enhancement, protection.

STONES: Silver, Opals, Clear Crystals, Mother-of-Pearl, Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl, Aquamarine, Agate Geode, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Abalone.

TAROT: None attributed.

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