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Witchcraft and Wiccan Magic Correspondences

For use in Magic Spells and Rituals

Correspondences must always be taken into consideration when crafting and working spells. Symbols, colors and scents are key components to every spell, as they stimulate the senses of the practitioner and set the overall tone.

A table of correspondences is a list of objects, beings, or concepts thought to be linked through supernatural connections. Tables of correspondences appear in modern books on magic and the occult. They are provided as reference tools in creating spells and casting magic circles. At its most basic, a table of correspondences can be a simple list of colors with their spheres of influence. A complicated table or set of tables can grow to book-length and co-ordinate deities, spirits, and symbols from religions and mythologies around the world.

In magic, correspondences represent the relationships between magical and natural realities, or between psychic and physical realities. While certainly not a new idea, the relational terminology was first established by 18th century theologian Emanuel Swedenborg in his Arcana Coelestia, Heaven and Hell, and other works.

Swedenborg's proposal legitimized the long-held notions of correspondences between such things as thought and speech, intention and action, mind and body, and the psychic and physical planes.

Correspondences between psychic and physical planes of existence and operation extend to all objects in the physical world. Light corresponds to wisdom because wisdom enlightens the mind as light enlightens the eye. Warmth corresponds to love because love warms the mind as heat does the body. Animals in correspond to the various affections in humans.

Magic Correspondences