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Crush Spells

Crush Spells are used to end a crush someone has on another. Crush spells literally, crush the crush. Crushes are actually one of the most difficult emotional attachments to sever due to their lack of logical attraction. Crushes are typically unfounded on substantial emotional enrollment, but rather based almost entirely on physical or self-fabricated personality attractions.

The following Crush Spell is based on the old broken bottle spell that was widely used in eastern Europe in the Middle Ages. It has been updated to be a bit safer, but it is just as effective today as it was then.

Of all the Crush Spells available, this spell is the single most powerful and focused. Great caution should be used as emotional support to deal with the effects of the sudden severance may be necessary.

As with all of our spells, this spell should be performed in accordance with the terms outlined in our disclaimer. Use this spell at your own risk.

Items needed:

One empty aluminum can (like a soft drink or beer can)
A strand of hair from the person who is carrying the crush

Place the hair in the can. Speak the following words aloud:

It'll be me -- it'll be you,
What used to be one -- will now become two!

Spit in the can. Put it on the ground and crush it as flat as you can.

Place the crushed can under the person's bed and leave it there until the crush is broken.

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