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Esoterica Historical Timeline: Witchcraft, Magic, Sorcery

What follows is a condensed Esoterica Timeline following the highlights of magic, sorcery, witchcraft, and magickal thought through the centuries and their influence on the interdisciplinary studies of Western esotericism: Western esoteric traditions including alchemy, astrology, Gnosticism, gnosis, magic, mysticism, Rosicrucianism, and secret societies, and their ramifications in art history, history, literature, and politics.

13th century BCE: Zarathushtra founds Zoroastrianism, the religion of the Magi; Moses founds Judaism; mythical date of Hermes Trismegistus.

10th century BCE: Solomon, son of David, King of Israel flourished

4 BCE-33 CE: Jesus founds Christianity

1st century CE: Apollonius of Tyana flourished

1st to 3rd CE: Testament of Solomon composed

100-300 CE: composition of Corpus Hermetica

204-270 CE: Plotinus, Neoplatonic philosopher and mystic (born in Egypt)

250-325 CE: Iamblicus, neoplatonic philosopher, was born in Chalcis, Coele-Syria

500 CE (circa): Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite flourished, probably a native of Syria

6th CE: Sefer Yetzirah edited

10th CE: Sword of Moses composed

1004-1007: al-Majriti, author of Picatrix, passes

1054: Rome splits from orthodox church, forms Catholic church

1175-1235: Michael Scot (Scottish)

1220-1292: Roger Bacon (English)

1227: Pope Honorius III passes

1232: Ramon Llull born (Majorca)

1240: Abraham Abulafia, Sicilian Kabbalist, founder of ecstatic Kabbala, born in Saragosa

1248: Joseph Gikatilla, Spanish Sephardic Kabbalist, born

1250: Liber Juratus (Sworn Book of Honorius) compiled by Honorius of Thebes, son of Euclid

1259: Peter de Abano [Pietro d'Abano], Italian physician and philosopher born. Professor of medicine in Padua.

1266: John Duns Scotus, Scottish scholastic philosopher and thrologian, born

1274: Ramon Llull's vision on Mount Randa

1280: Sefer Ha-Zohar written by Moses de León but attributed to Simon ben Yohai

1292: Abraham Abulafia passes

1308: John Duns Scotus passes

1314: Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, burned at the stake in Paris

1316: Ramon Llull passes;

1316: Peter de Abano passes

1323: Joseph Gikatilla passes

1433: Marsilio Ficino, Italian philosopher born. Under the patronage of the de'Medicis, he translated many Greek classics including the Corpus Hermetica

1453: Fall of Constantinople to the Turks caused dispersal and spread of Greek manuscripts and scholarship

1455: Johannes Reuchlin, German humanist and lawyer, born. Reuchlin wrote on Kabbalah and propagated Hebrew stupasses

1462: Johannes Trithemius born at Trittenheim on the Moselle. Trithemius was a famous scholar and Benedictine abbot.

1463: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Italian philosopher and scholar, born

1466: Francesco Giorgi [Zorzi], Venetian philosopher, born. Author of De Harmonia Mundi (Venits, 1525)

1471: Ficino's translation of Corpus Hermeticum published

1474: Ferdinand and Isabella ascend to the throne

1483: Martin Luther born Eisleben, Saxony, Germany.

1486: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa born in Cologne Germany; Malleus Maleficarum published, major instrument of witch hunters; Giovanni Pico della Mirandola takes his theses to Rome

1489: Ficino's Libri de Vita published

1492: Ferdinand and Isabella expel Jews from Spain, center of Cabalistic stupasses, caused dispersal and spread of Jewish and Cabalistic manuscripts and scholarship; discovery of the New World

1493: Paracelsus (Aureolus Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim) born Einsiedeln Switzerland. Swiss physician and philosopher. He was tutored (by his account) by Trithemius.

1494: Reuchlin's De verbo mirifico published; Giovanni Pico della Mirandola passes

1499: Marsilio Ficino passes

1510: Agrippa's De Occulta philosophia finished Guillaume Postel, French mathematician, Kabbalist, and mystic born

1515: Johan Weyer born

1516: Johannes Trithemius passes

1517: Reuchlin's De arte cabalistica published; Martin Luther posts theses

1522: Johannes Reuchlin passes

1525: Giorgi's De harmonia mundi published

1527: John Dee born in London Maximillian II born

1533: Agrippa's De Occulta philosopha published; Isaak Luria, Jewish Kabbalist, born in Jerusalem; Queen Elizabeth I born at Greenwich palace in London (September 7)

1535: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa passes; Giambattista della Porta born in Naples. Author of Magia naturalis (Natural Magic) (1585, 1589)

1538: Reginald Scot born. Author of Discouerie of Witchcraft (1584)

1540: Francesco Giorgi passes; Faust passes

1541: Paracelsus passes

1542: Inquisition established in Rome

1546: Martin Luther passes

1548: Giordano Bruno, Italian philosopher born in Nola Italy.

1552: Simon Forman born Emperor Rudolph II born Guillaume Postel publishes Latin translation of Sefer Yetzirah:

1554: Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded

1555: Edward Kelley born

1558: Elizabeth I becomes queen of England; Giambattista della Porta's Magia Naturalis published; Zohar printed

1560: Heinrich Khunrath born in Leipzig

1564: Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica published

1566: Michael Maier, physician, alchemist, and philosopher, born in Rensburg, Holstein (Germany). Physician to Emperor Rudolph II.

1572: Isaak Luria passes

1574: Robert Fludd, English physician, philosopher, and mystic, born

1575: Jakob Boehme, German religious mystic, born; Arbatel Of Magic first appears

1576: Maximillian II passes

1581: Dee and Kelley start their "mystical experiments" Guillaume Postel passes

1584: Bruno's Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast published

1588: Johan Weyer passes

1595: Edward Kelley passes (Nov)

1599: Reginald Scot passes

1600: Giordano Bruno burned at the stake in Rome

1602: Athanasius Kircher born in Geisa a. d. Ulster, Germany (May 2) William Lilly, astrologer and translator of Trithemius, born in Diseworth, county Leicester, England

1603: Queen Elizabeth I passes; accession of James I

1605: Heinrich Khunrath passes

1606: Trithemius' Steganographia first published

1608: John Dee passes

1611: Simon Forman passes

1612: Emperor Rudolph II passes

1614-15: Rosicrucian manifestos published in Germany

1615: Giambattista della Porta passes

1617: Elias Ashmole born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England (May 23)

1617-19: Fludd's Utriusque cosmi historia published

1618: Maier's Atlanta Fugiens published

1620: Robert Turner 'of Holshot', translator of magical texts, born

1622: Thomas Vaughan, English Rosicrucian, born Michael Maier passes

1624: Jakob Boehme passes

1636: Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, German mystic and Kabbalist, born

1637: Robert Fludd passes

1652: Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus published Thomas Vaughan publishes English translation (not his own) of the Rosicrucian Fama and Confessio

1666: Thomas Vaughan passes

1677: Christian Knorr von Rosenroth published first volume of Kabbala Denudata:

1680: Athanasius Kircher passes

1681: William Lilly, astrologer and translator of Trithemius, passes

1684: Christian Knorr von Rosenroth published second volume of Kabbala Denudata:

1688: Emanuel Swedenborg, scientist and mystic, born in Stockholm, Sweden.

1689: Christian Knorr von Rosenroth passes

1692: Elias Ashmole passes Salem witchcraft panic

1707: Moses Hayyim Luzzatto, Hebrew poet and Kabbalistic mystic, born Padua

1734: Franz Anton Mesmer born in Iznang, Swabia (Germany) (May 23)

1747: Moses Hayyim Luzzatto passes

1749-56: Swedenborg's Arcana Coelestia published

1751: Ebenezer Sibly born

1772: Emanuel Swedenborg passes

1800: Ebenezer Sibly passes

1810: Eliphas Levi, (Constant, Alphonse Louis), French occultist, born in Paris, France. He is said to be largely responsible for the revival of magic in the 19th century.

1815: Franz Anton Mesmer passes

1831: Helena Petrovna Blavatski (Helena Petrovna von Hahn), cofounder of the Theosophical Society, born of German parents in Yekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).

1832: Henry Steel Olcott, cofounder of the Theosophical Society, born

1865: Papus (i.e. G.A.V. Encausse), French occultist and author born

1846: Anna Kingsford (Annie Bonus) born

1847: Annie Besant (née Wood), author and noted Theosophist born

1848: William W. Wescott born

1854: Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers born in London

1856: Levi's masterpiece Le Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie published

1857: Arthur Edward Waite born in Brooklyn, New York

1861: Rudolph Steiner born

1865: William Butler Yeats born in Ireland

1875: Eliphas Levi, (Constant, Alphonse Louis) passes (May 31)

1875: Aleister Crowley (Crowley, Edward Alexander) born (October 12)

1889: Mathers' edition of Kabbalah Unveiled published

1888: Anna Kingsford (Annie Bonus) passes Papus' Traité Elémentaire de Science Occulte published; Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn established in London

1889: Mathers' edition of Key of Solomon published

1890: Dion Fortune (i.e. Violet Mary Firth) born; W.B. Yeats joins the Golden Dawn

1891: Helena Petrovna Blavatski (Helena Petrovna von Hahn), cofounder of the Theosophical Society, passes

1897: Levi's Le Clef des Grandes Mystères published

1898: Julius Evola born Aleister Crowley joins the Golden Dawn; Mathers publishes The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage [Abramelin]

1899: C.G. Leland publishes Aradia, the Gospel of the Witches:

1900: Crowley expelled from the Golden Dawn

1901: Manly Palmer Hall born

1907: Henry Steel Olcott, cofounder of the Theosophical Society, passes Israel Regardie born

1909: Franz Bardon born

1916: Papus (i.e. G.A.V. Encausse), French occultist and author passes

1918: Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers passes

1925: William W. Wescott passes Rudolph Steiner passes

1933: Annie Besant (née Wood), author and noted Theosophist passes

1937: Israel Regardie publishes the Golden Dawn, which includes the bulk of the Golden Dawns' rituals and teachings.

1939: William Butler Yeats passes

1942: Arthur Edward Waite passes

1946: Dion Fortune (i.e. Violet Mary Firth) passes

1947: Aleister Crowley (Crowley, Edward Alexander) passes

1958: Franz Bardon passes

1974: Julius Evola passes

1985: Israel Regardie passes

1990: Manly Palmer Hall passes