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White Magic Spells and Rituals

Real Free White Magic Spells can be classified as: Protection White Magic Spells, Healing White Magic Spells, Jinx-Breaking White Magic Spells, Blessing Magic Spells, Hex-Breaking Magic Spells, Uncrossing Magic Spells, Curse Removal Magick Spells, and White Magic Spells to repel dark curses and evil entities. White magic spells are used for: secret incantations, candle magic spells, summoning rituals, and ancient secret practices of the occult, Wicca, Wiccan Magick, and Witchcraft.

White Magic Origins

The word magic derives from Magus, a Zoroastrian astrologer priest of the Medes. Passing through Greek and Latin transitions, the word eventually entered the English language in the late 14th century from Old French magique.


Sorcery was taken in 1300 C.E. from the Old French sorcerie, from the Vulgar Latin sortiarius, from sors (fate), meaning "one who influences fate." Sorceress, like magic also first appeared in the late 14th century, while sorcerer began to appear around 1526 C.E.

Belief in magic has waxed and waned through European and Western history, under pressure from organized, monotheistic religions or from skepticism over the reality of magic.

Magi - Magicians - Priests

Historically and traditionally, magicians were a class of priests, the Magi of Zoroastrianism. They were held in esteem and their reputation helped shape the hermeticism of Hellenistic religion. Greek mystery religions had strong magical components as did the beliefs of the Egyptians. Much has been found from these sources about early instances of magical lore that later became part of Western cultural expectations about the practice of magic, especially ceremonial magic. Some examples are: the use of a magic circle to defend the magician against the spirits he is invoking or evoking; the use of magic words said to have the power to command spirits; the use of wands and other ritual tools; and the use of mysterious symbols or sigils thought useful to invoke or evoke spirits.

Over the centuries, the magic of these ancient magicians has been transformed and passed down from generation to generation. The white magic of today is not significantly different today from that of the ancient Persians, Greeks, and Egyptians.

White Magic

Real White Magic Spells can be used to supply protection, bless, sanctify, perform healings, and to assist yourself or others when the need arises. White magic spells can be used for simple and complex blessings or purifications, to renew one's spirit, and heal mental and physical afflictions, to protect and guard people and physical and spiritual locations from curses and hexes, and to repel evil magic spells and curses. White magic spells and rituals that work are designed to be defensive, helpful, never harmful or to place anyone or anything at risk.

All white magic spells found here are original magic spells intended for use in Witchcraft, Wiccan, Neo-Pagan, and pagan rituals. Many of the spells have been garnered from obscure books, texts, and private collections, most of which, are no longer in print and have become classified as rare. We are pleased to be able to provide you with these free collections, individual spells, conjurations, invocations, and incantations. We only ask in return that you act responsibly and do no harm. Seek the way of the witch and pagan: act in the interests of the universe.

IMPORTANT: All magic information and spells provided on Spells-Magic is provided as CURIOS ONLY and intended for ONLY entertainment purposes. Use at your own risk. Spells-Magic assumes no responsibility. NEVER place yourself or anyone else in any kind of danger or at risk for harm.

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