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Free Basic Easy Powerful Friendship Magic Spells

Friendship Magic Spells and Rituals: To Get and Keep Good Friends - Free easy magic friendship spells and rituals for forming and binding lasting friendships.

Friendship Spell


Grind the dried fern to the consistency of tea. Place the equivalent of a tablespoon in the small fabric sachet. Carry it around your neck.

To Bind a Friendship for Life


With the needle, delicately prick the finger of the other person then drop two or three drops of blood on the incense cone.

Speak the following aloud:

Let it be known that the blood of (Name the person) hereby binds the friendship of (Same name as previously stated).

Now, with the other clean needle, prick your own finger and drop two or three drops of blood on the same incense cone and repeat the same thing, but this time saying your name.

Light the incense, pass the apple three times above the smoke of the incense cone, then slice it into two with the knife. Offer a piece to the other person and eat other half.

To Attract the Sympathy of Friends



Reduce the feathers and the hairs to powder, then place this powder in the small, green silk bag.

Carry the bag, in contact with your skin, in the left area of the chest, one Friday of spring, or the day of the winter solstice.

Assorted Magic Spells