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Equipped the first idea of the perfume started with the incense, and were accidentally discovered centuries ago when the man by collecting wood to employ in his burned offers noted that some bushes or wood have give-with far an odor joke while burning. Of the latter it discovered the incense and the myrrh and the benzoin which exists like gums or sap in the trees, and the sandalwood, cinnamon and the patchouli. In order to be included/understood easier, it could be to try well to classify the incense according to their ingredients and in their particular services in which they are employed.


The Chinese incense always contains while a low patchouli leaves or root with a possibility of cinnamon being added, and in some incidents, it is employed with the Dung pig. This is employed sometimes in the temples on some religious ceremonies. Other spices can be added. In the temples of LAMA of Tibet, they generally burn butter right.


All India or Hindu incense contains the sandalwood as bases, and they like any spice, in particular grooves, is burned in the temples. However, part of the Hindu incense is made aromatic with the addition of essential oils or bases of perfume.


The Egyptian incense majority are the burn of the benzoin punt of Symtra, however, this can be mixed with a little incense and myrrh like variation.


The Persian incense is a combination by using the sandalwood and a spice, mainly grooves, as well as the benzoin or the incense and the myrrh.


That used by the catholic church is the incense, however, it must be burned with the charcoal. The catholic church have rigid characteristics as for the incense used in its church. No aromatic or synthetic can be employed. There are occasions when some churches employ an incense containing of other ingredients that the flat incense. Like example, an addition of a little of myrrh and benzoin, sandalwood or grooves.


The aromatic European incense or the incense of housework, which is generally done with the charcoal, sandalwood, patchouli, grooves, benzoin, and changed with oil of perfume composes in floral odors or a bouquet.


The occult incense is employed to create a higher vibration according to implied specific work, and they comprise mixtures of all the matters employed in the incense with the addition of essential and aromatic oils like desired. The field is so large, that which it would take a book in oneself to refer suitable; however, the incense formulas following in this chapter will give the rather good idea. as for the way in which the materials are suggested. The following formulas are suggested as those found in several of the occult books like some of the more modern versions. The names used are to indicate only these names which are recognizable certain books. In order to make an incense practical and burnable, the suggestion is made to employ the base out of wood of Bamba, which is manufactured particularly for this use, and is made in hundred smoothnesses of mesh.