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MAGIC SPELLS - Individual

Witchcraft, Magic, and Spells

The major thrust of a spell's power comes from within the individual Witch or Wiccan. Magic Spells are as individual as people and just as diverse. It is the wish and projection of the spell's worker that makes magic happen.

Spells and Karma

Most true Witches are uncomfortable putting themselves into someone else's spell. True witches believe in the will of the worker and the importance of the individual when interacting with nature and our universe. With this belief comes responsibilities—responsibilities for the proper handling of natural energies and forces—and the outcome of their power. Personal responsibility calls for caution and care in the direction of energies.

Some witches believe through their personal action in the casting of someone else's spell that they will share in the karmic results of the spell—be they good or bad. Much has been written and published with regard to the guidelines for constructing a spell, but spells are too personal for a "one size fits all" approach.

Sharing Magic Spells

Magic Spells may be shared under some circumstances, such as group projections done by covens for a specific situation or at the request of someone they know well. And some traditional, folk-type Witches will still write spells upon request. But these types of situations are the exception rather than the norm.

Begging for Spells versus Writing Spells

If you need a spell, but are not quite sure how to construct one, there is plenty of information available to learn. Begging for spells is rude and will usually get you ignored or blasted. Witches in general feel that, "if you need to ask for a spell, you are probably not ready to cast one." Learning to write your own spells gives you the ability to make your dreams and hopes come true for YOU. As a practicing Witch you assume this personal responsibility.

Building Your Book of Shadows

Once you have learned to write spells, then you can begin to build your own Book of Shadows. Wiccans and Witches call a spell book a Book of Shadows. Each witch makes his or her own Book of Shadows. But a Book of Shadows is much more than just a spell book. It is more like a personal diary of your growth in the practice of Witchcraft. Your personal Book of Shadows should, and would eventually, include notes on witchcraft, rituals, spells, incantations, invocations, conjurations, summonings, poems, drawings, and your feelings about witchcraft and life in general.

Your Magic Journey Journal

A Book of Shadows is your personal, magic journey journal, with notes on rituals and magic studied and performed, when you performed it, what you did, what kind of results you got, any feelings you have about your magick, your life, or anything else that you feel is important to record about your experiences as a Witch. The notes in your personal Book of Shadows will help you to better understand yourself and your magic. So, each Book of Shadows is a very personal thing for the witch that creates it and a copy is customarily passed-on to your selected inductee into The Craft. For that matter, covens have been formed around the Book of Shadows of many the solitary witch.

To construct your Book of Shadows you can use any blank pages book (lined or unlined, with your choice of covers) or if you are really industrious, you could learn how to make your own paper and bind the book yourself. This is strictly a matter of personal preference and neither method is any better than the other.

Learn to Write Your Own Spells!

The really important part of all of this is that you learn to write your own spells—that's where you need to begin!

Assorted Magic Spells