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Kabbalistic Magic

Kabbalistic Magic is based in the mystical interpretations of the Jewish holy books, known collectively as Tanakh and consisting of the Torah, Novim, and Ketuvim. The term "Kabbalah," means to transmit secret knowledge. Kabbalistic Magic seeks to explore and employ the secret or hidden meanings and powers of the universe.

Mystics from all cultures and times have attempted to explain how the universe works and why. Kabbalistic Magic relies heavily on symbols and analogies as correspondences to the causes and effects of the universe.

Kabbalistic Magic views the universe much differently than other forms of mysticism and magic, particularly those of the western world. Kabbalistic Magic sees the universe in areas of distinction where the "true" universe consists of the En Sof (the infinite or incomprehensible), which is the spiritual universe. The spiritual universe, unlike the physical universe, is inseparable from God -- with no beginning and no end.

The goal of Kabbalistic Magic is to attain complete understandings of God, the universe, and their inter-relationships. It seeks this understanding through the use of symbols and analogies, particularly those found in the Jewish holy books.

The following tables provide a small insight into the correspondences employed in Kabbalistic Magic. They are provided here for informational purposes only.

The Hebrew Alphabet


E/A aleph ox head 1
B/V beys house 2
G gimel camel 3
D dalet door 4
H heh window 5
V/O vov nail 6
Z zayin sword 7
Kh khes fence 8
T tex snake 9
Y/I yod hand 10
K/Kh kaf palm 20
L lamed goad 30
M mem water 40
N nun fish 50
S samekh support 60
A ayin eye 70
P/F fey mouth 80
Tz tzadi fisher 90
Q kuf back of head 100
R resh head 200
Sh shin teeth 300
Th tof (cross) 400
Kh/K final kaf 500
M final mem 600/20
N final nun 700/40
F final fey 800/80
Tz final tzadi 900/90

Mother Letters

aleph mem shin
Element air water fire
Soul ru'akh nefesh neshomah
Triad moral natural intellectual
Body chest belly head
Planet Pluto Neptune Uranus
Emanation Intelligence Wisdom Crown
Temperature moderate cold earth
Universe ether earth heaven

Double Letters

beys gimel dalet kaf fey resh tof
Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Direction height depth east west north south middle
Orifice R eye L eye R ear L ear R nostril L nostril mouth
Heavenly Body Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Metal gold silver iron mercury tin copper lead
Foundation wisdom wealth fertlty life dominion peace beauty
Emanation Beauty Kingdom Victory Foundation Law Glory Kindness
Person Messiah Joseph David Isaac Moses Jacob Abraham
Heaven Araboth Vilon Zebhul Rakia Makhon Shekhkm Ma'on

Single Letters

heh vov zayin khes tes yod lamed nun sameckh ayin tzadi kuf
Zodiac Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Month Nisan Iyar Sivan Tammuz Av Elul Tishri Kheshvan Kislev Tevet Shevat Adar
Activity sight hearing smell speech taste coition work movement wrath mirth meditation sleep
Body R hand L hand R foot L foot R kidney L kidney liver spleen gall stomach colon bowels
Tribe Judah Isskhr Zebulan Reuben Simon Gad Levi Joseph Benjamin Dan Asher Naphtali
Stone carbuncle sapphire emerald ruby topaz amethyst smaragd onyx jasper jacinth beryl agate
Stone Power strength constitution properity fertility sensuality will wisdom charisma stop bleeding overturn idols good digestion dexterity

Various Angels by Group

Rulers of the Angels

Name Subjects' Name
Metatrone Khayot HaKodesh
Ratziel Ofanim
Tzafkiel Arelim
Tzadikiel Khashmalim
Somael Seraphim
Michael M'lakhim
Haniel Tarshishim
Raphael Beni Elohim
Gabriel Cherubim
Sandolfon Ishim

Leaders of the Angels (According to the Essenes)

Name Occupation
Oriel guards the abysses
Raphael controls human spirits
Raguel takes revenge
Michael watches over Israel
Sariel (not specified)
Gabriel rules the Garden of Eden
Yeremiel guards souls in the abysses

Angels of the Heavenly Bodies

Name Heavenly Body
Raphael Sun
Gabriel Moon
Michael Mercury
Eniel Venus
Somael Mars
Tzadikiel Jupiter
Kaftziel Saturn

Angels of the Living Creatures

Name Creatures
Raphael ox: king of herbivores
Gabriel man: king of all animals
Michael lion: king of carnivores
Oriel eagle: king of birds

Dark Angels

Name Occupation
Satan prosecutor of Mankind
Belial angel of darkness
Gabriel angel of death for kings
Kaftziel angel of death for youths
Mashbir angel of death for children
Mashbit angel of death for animals
Khemah angel of death for men

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