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The Witches' Lair: Witchcraft and Black Magic

Witchcraft and Black Magic Collections

Collections of Information Vital to the Craft


Allegorical, Philosophical and Spiritual Alchemy: A great number of writings on alchemy, an early form of the investigation of nature and an early philosophical and spiritual disciplines, combining elements of chemistry, metallurgy, physics, medicine, astrology, semiotics, mysticism, spiritualism, and art as parts of one force. Practiced in Persia, India, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, and Europe up to the 19th century.

Thelemic Holy Books

The Ape of Thoth: A Thelemic Text Daemon providing access to Thelemic Holy Books and other important verse-based works by Aleister Crowley.

Secret Writings of Black Magic

Secret Writings: A collection of secret writings pertaining to the practice of Black Magic, Witchcraft, and High Magic.

Ancient Magic Texts and Spells

The Biblioteca Arcana: An excellent source of theory, history, rituals, divination, hymns, poetry, etc. This wonderful collection contains information on:
Ancient Greek Samhain Festivals
Seasonal Festivals of the Greeks and Romans
De Saturno & Jano Tractatus.
Construction and Use of Ancient Greek Poppets.
Eoster: Mysteries of the Resurrected Child.
The Pythagorean Pentacle
Hellenic Neo-Paganism.
The Rotation of the Elements. An explanation of this most important alchemical procedure, which has many applications in the material and spiritual worlds.
Liber de Octo Mutationibus. A discussion of the eight phases that occur in any cycle between opposing poles, and their relation to the eight trigrams of the I Ching.
The Eigthtfold Year and the Stages of Life. A discussion of ancient Greek and Roman systems of seven and eight seasons, and their correspondence with the lifestages, planets, elements, qualities, etc.
The Pentagram and the Elements. How should the elements be associated with the points of the pentagram? (See also the Pythagorean Pentagram.)
The Pythagorean Theology of Triads and Information on Pythagorean Figured Numbers (Square, Oblong, Triangular, etc.). An introduction to the Pythagorean theology of numbers.
The Parts of the Soul . A system of seven "energy centers" comparable to the chakras.
The History of Isopsephia (Gematria). Surveys historical evidence for the history of gematria, from Sumeria, to Greece, and then to the Jews.
The Caduceus, or: Wandering Among the Worlds. A short essay arguing for metaphysical pluralism ("you can't have too many realities").
Ancient Greek Esoteric Doctrine of the Elements.
Ancient Greek Sacred Lunar Month
Greek Esoteric Music Theory.
Axioms of Magic
Summary of Pythagorean Theology.
Ancient Greek Music for Care of the Soul: Hê Mousikê Therapeia.
Greater Tool Consecration
Lesser Tool Consecration
Olympic Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. An adaptation of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to the Graeco-Roman tradition based on the shamanic cosmological principles underlying the original.
The Orphica Holodemiurgia, a contemplative exercise or practice for aligning the energy centers of the soul and for infusing Divine Energy into them.
Exercise for Unity (Tantra LITE).
Neoclassical Celebratory Sacrifice.
Saturnalia Ritual

Dionysian Meditations:

The Triple Dionysia (Ta Triploa Dionysia) - a Dionysian Spring Equinox ritual
The Labyrinth Ritual (for the Samhain season)
Rite of Release for a Pet or Familiar
Dawn Devotions, including information about the Goddess of Dawn
Astrapsoukhos' Spell for the Favor of Hermes from the Greek Magical Papyrus.
Hellenic Magic Ritual: A General Framework
The Pythagorean Tarot. A tarot system based on Pythagorean numerology and ancient Mediterranean spirituality.
Greek Alphabet Oracle. Authentic ancient Greek alphabet oracle, translated and interpreted.
Calculators for Isopsephia (Gematria) in Greek, Roman and Hebrew alphabets, and for the related Thesis system.
Ars Haruspicina (modernized Etruscan divination), and a sample reading.
Gallery of Esoteric Art by John Opsopaus.
Hymn to Athena
Hymn and Invocation of Aphrodite
The Liturgy of Love. The "Liturgia Philotetos of Epaphroditus." Based on Her teachings, and includes a summary of Empedocles' teachings about Her.
Sophia Abscondita. Prophetic modern gnostic myth about how Sophia (female wisdom) leads the old Gods to retake Olympus.
The Yew Demon (a shamanic "sword & sorcery" story).
Select Homeric Hymns. "To Hera," "To Gaia, Mother of All" and "To the Mother of the Gods," two hymns to Aphrodite, hymns to the Muses and Apollo, hymns to Zeus, Hephaistos, Artemis, Poseidon, Athena, Demeter and Aesculapius.
Mesomedes' "Hymn to the Muse," translated and set to the original (ancient) music (with MP3 files).
Selected Charms from the Carmina Gadelica, translated and "reheathened".
The Janid: Historia Sacra Janarum. Mythic history of the Sardinian Gianae from 23,800 BCE.
Ariel Psychopompos - an alchemical poem.
The Stele: homepage of Omphalos, the networking service for Graeco-Roman Neopagans.
Ordo Viridis Orbis - The Laws of the Order.
Anecdota Vergilii - The Secret History of Virgil
Pauca Anecdota Neapolitana
Description of Ta Rat', the Subterranean Temple of the Giane
Necronomicon Novum. A "Necronomicon," in the spirit of H. P. Lovecraft, but based on authentic ancient sources.
Biography of Apollonius Sophistes (John Opsopaus).
Glaukidai: The Myth of Glaucus and his Descendants.
Ancient Greek Phrases in Greek and Roman transcription and in Greek alphabet.
Indices of Spells in the Greek Magical Papyri and other sources.
Greek Magical Papyri, Books I, II and III
Interpretations of Magical Herbs.
Goethe's Pagan Poetry.
Wotan's Invocation of Erda from Wagner's Siegfried
Samples of the mysterious Rydumy language
The Centaur Skeleton from Volos.

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