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Learn to Cast Free Easy Magic Love Spells

an image of two intertwined heartsNow you can Learn to Cast Free Easy Magic Love Spells that really work to get your love with you today! That's what people expect from a good love spell—a spell to get them the love they desire quickly—a love spell that will keep them together. Love spells are the most popular magic spells for a good reason. Love is important to both men and women of all ages. Love is the most powerful emotion on earth. Love warms our hearts and feeds our souls. Love lives, laughs, and lasts with us through thick and thin. These free easy magic love spells and lost love spells are provided for your pleasure.

You Can Cast Love Spells to Wield Your Will and Be Romantically Successful

When dealing with emotions, there can be no guarantee that love spells will be successful, but by learning to cast love spells properly, practice, and choosing the right spell, you can be successful at winning the love of your life. Love spells, lost love spells, and sex spells are designed as aids for creating and maintaining attraction, but are not designed to force someone to act against their will.

an image of a caution signBe cautious when casting love spells—they can have tremendous impact on peoples' lives. It is important to know how to cast love spells, especially when casting free love spells, and even more so when working with psychic love spells. No quantity of free powerful love spells, free candle love spells, love spells in general, or magic love spells can guarantee success at obtaining your heart's desires, but it is important when dealing with matters of the heart and emotions to:

  1. Appreciate the coming and/or return of love into your life.
  2. With love comes responsibility. You are responsible for those you love and who love you, never manipulate or play power games.
  3. Take every opportunity to express your love. You never know how long for you are going to be in their life, and they in yours.
  4. Remember that you deserve love as anyone else. Be yourself.
  5. Watch what you wish for.

Magic Spells for Love and Attraction

Easy Love Spells

The following collections of easy love spells are also fairly simple and easy to cast.

Magic Love Spells - Intention

The love spell is a magical act intended to cause an effect on reality using supernatural means of liturgical or ritual nature. Spells in general, and magic love spells specifically, are a substantial component of many Pagan religions and can also be found in some monotheistic religions. Others, like Islam and Christianity, explicitly forbid the practice of casting love spells. Medieval collections of spells in general, and love spells specifically, were called grimoires.

Magic Spells for witchcraft and magick, and love spells in particular, were probably developed during the Neo lithic magical belief period and have been practiced since then both in accepted and clandestine environments.

Magic Spells, love spells, lost love spells, and even sex love spells were common in Pagan societies as part of massive official holidays promoted by authorities: this activity is well documented in a number of historical sources and has even survived in vodunist or shamanic religion areas. On the opposite, practitioners were harshly prosecuted in other places and ages, specially in areas whose state religion was Christianity. Nowadays practitioners are protected under the freedom of belief, a fundamental right regarded by most democratic countries.

Love Spells and Magical Incantations

Love Spell History

Love spells and the employment of love spells, magical incantations, rituals, hexes, and conjurations have been utilized through the ages in attempts to achieve or attain personal goals of romance and affection. From ancient times, when love and fertility were both considered to be whims of the often-fickle gods who could be manipulated and appeased, to today, where many are looking for assistance in finding romance and love.

Love Charms and Talismans

magic spell symbolsLove Charms and Talismans are often used in conjunction with a magic spell or ritual to attract a lover. Charms and talismans are often objects with anatomical shapes, but can be oils, and plants associated with love goddesses or animal parts believed to have potent magical powers. Medieval magicians, witches, wizards, and sorcerers sometimes fashioned love charms resembling the labrys, which looked like a two-headed axe and was representative of the female sex organs. On the other side, Mandrake root, which often resembles male genitals, was believed to be a powerful and effective aphrodisiac. In fact, it was sometimes called "Circe's plant," after the infamous sorceress Circe.

Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs

skull and crossbones poison warning signCAUTION: Love potions, which are also frequently incorporated into magic spells and used along with incantations and invocations, are often simple aphrodisiacs—herbal recipes with varying physical effects. Some can be dangerous due to their unstable, often unapproved ingredients, often being composed of oils, animal parts, strong spices, and even drugs and toxins. Unless specifically approved by the FDA, they should NEVER be ingested. Aphrodisiacs, while touted by many to be effective tools for sexual enhancement, are more mind over matter than real. While many substances have been promoted as effective and powerful aphrodisiacs, the reality is none have ever been scientifically proven to be effective. As with love potions, aphrodisiacs, unless specifically approved by the FDA, should NEVER be ingested.

Love Spells

Spells for love are the most popular magical method for pursuing love. Good love spells are usually based on age-old practices—charms to be worn on the body or placed near the bed, spells written on paper and invoking saints, Gods, or angels, or making incantations over foods or drink to be consumed by the intended. Wiccan Love Spells often involve burning candles, sometimes with human shapes or having been anointed with oils, which are then moved toward one another while a simple chant, incantation, or invocation is spoken aloud or sung softly.

Love Spells - Control and Manipulation

Powerful love spells and potent magic love spells, rituals, and incantations are sometimes cast or worked in an attempt to influence or control an individual. They will often incorporate significant personal items like the hair, nail clippings, bodily fluids, or personal property of the desired individual. Most modern magical traditions take a strong stand against interfering with the free will of another person, and these types of spells should NEVER be employed.

The collections referenced on this page contain love spells, free love spells, free easy love spells, powerful love spells, information on how to cast love spells and the casting of free love spells, psychic love spells, free powerful love spells, free candle love spells, and magic love spells. The spells that are available here, such as black magic love spells, the information pertaining to the casting of love spells and easy love spells, can be used as gay love spells, good luck spells, a magic love spell or magick love spells, are real love spells, but should be used for your entertainment and enjoyment. They should never be used to try and control or manipulate another person for any reason.

Love Spells - Symbolism - Preparation

Love Spells are symbolic representations of the purported effects performed under the invocations of a deity.

Love spells can even be unwilling instantaneous actions with no specific shapes. But in more developed Pagan beliefs, spells in general, and love spells specifically, have the following general structure:

  1. Preparation of the love spell, when all needed products are disposed in the appropriate location and the involved individuals perform preliminary activities like fasting, praying, etc.
  2. Overture to start the ritual or liturgical performance for the love spell, create an appropriate, solemn "magical environment" and reinforce the communion effect among participants.
  3. Invocation, when the cooperation of supernatural forces is requested to take the love spell to reality.
  4. Execution, where all ritualized magical acts belonging to the love spell are precisely performed.
  5. Closure, to solemnize the end of the act and dissolve the "magical environment" created during the overture.

It is noticeable the similarity between this structure and the liturgy of more modern monotheistic religions, from which these practices are derived. A neat example of such a parallelism is the Catholic Mass.

When the goal of the spell, love spell, lost love spell, or sex spell and the means used to achieve it are regarded as immoral, illegal or pernicious by a certain society, it is defined as black.

If a society accepts both the goal and the means of love spells as innocuous, they are defined as white, and the spells as white magic love spells. While these terms are used by practitioners to convey to non-practitioners the difference between positive and negative magic's and magic spells, the terms 'black' and 'white' are not generally used amongst practitioners themselves when delineating the types of magic spells. Nowadays, a number of Neopagan religions like Wicca have recovered the usage of magic spells in general, and love spells specifically, and have vindicated magic spells to some degree. Many people perform magic spells privately for themselves, for others, or for a price, usually following the instructions of occultist books or other sources, commonly seeking health, wealth and love although sometimes magic spells are also cast for revenge or hate.

It must be noted, however, that several branches of Neo paganism, such as Wicca, expressly forbid the use of magic and magic spells if it harms others. Additionally, within the bounds of Wiccan ethics, if a magic spell, love spell, lost love spell, or sex spell is to be used on another human being, his or her consent must generally be obtained.

Spells of Magic for Love

two women casting love spellsLOVE SPELLS free, easy to cast, and they really work. Hundreds of free, easy to cast love spells that really work. Find love today with love spells you can perform at home. Love is here! We are the single most influential collector of love spells in the world. That's why you can find love spells here that you just won't find anywhere else. Simply put, no one can offer you a better collection of REAL LOVE SPELLS than we can—NO ONE!

Some Simple Love Spells

To Find Your Future Love

Ingredients: black cloth, spring water, and 1 white candle containing procedures incense Sandalwood: The conversion of a circle, covering the altar of black cloth. Keep the bottle of spring water in the tissue. After that, light the candle and place it on one side of the cup. The piece should be quite dark as light incense and place it on the other side and singing the charm below, "the look, the look and me. Find the face I see. Let me see my future mate, know what my destiny. "After singing this, calm and look to the container of water, looking more concentrated in the bowl. Let the images take shape, rather than focusing on one particular person. Above all you must be prepared to accept what he sees.

Love Spell Star

photo of a bright star in spaceIngredients: paper, pen or pencil, or red rose petals raised, incense, jasmine, red candles and red crystals like garnet, quartz or proceedings arising Ruby: This spell must be performed by a clear night. Light the candle and incense to organize your papers and books on the altar. Enter the qualities that we want your partner to think and remember one by one. Go see the petals of flowers and crystals and choose a bright star in the sky from deep within and focus your energy and light. Stretch things in hand toward the star three times and say the words, "the star of love burning bright if it helps me in my fate tonight. Unite my true love for me, like me, he is promoting. Display starlight points filling in your hands and then back to the altar and keep the crystals and petals at the base of the candle. Now repeat the same word three times while concentrating on the candle flame.

A Spell of True Love

Ingredients: apple red, pink, white, pink quartz, a photograph of yourself, or a red cloth bag and rope, red or white candles after the collection of these ingredients, on Friday during a waxing moon or go to the window where the stars and the moon are visible. Consider the ideal companion to your life by eating the apple. Imagine the qualities he or she wants. Apple meets seven seed after you finish eating the apple and let it dry. Thereafter, take your picture and cut your heart, head shape and take the rose in your hands and smell that you tear its petals one by one and say something that describes your lover.

Finally collect seeds, petals, rose quartz, and the image and keep them together in a bag or cloth and tie with string. Repeat this spell while preserving the charm, the face of my true love has not seen yet, I do not know what his name may be. But soon, her heart beat for me. Come, my love, it is. "Wear this bag with you every Friday, regardless of moon phase and otherwise keep the bag with the effects of other magic. One thing about love spells is to be patient with because, although spell effects that are usually observed in a few days could be delayed for years in special cases. It is not recommended to run, especially on love matters, because they are all long.

Sleep Ritual Soul Mate

Articles: 3 almonds and 3 raisins honey, milk ritual: Put the almonds and raisins under your pillow. Before going to bed, drink a cup of hot milk with a teaspoon of honey, then go to sleep. If you're wondering whether a particular person is the soul sister try telling it to her in her sleep. Therefore, before falling asleep keep that person in mind and in the morning will know if he is her soul mate of your dreams.

Bring Back My Lover Spell

This spell can be used to bring back a former lover or end an argument between friends. Elements: two white candles on a picture or drawing of your lover or friend to ensure he/she is alone in the photo of a smiling photo of yourself a bag of chamomile tea a piece of blue cloth. Time: 8:00 am, just the night. Ritual: exactly at 8:00 pm to light the candles and take a few deep breaths to relax. Try to imagine a peaceful environment, somewhere beautiful and wonderful. Now relaxed, keep the image of the person's hand and repeat these words: "to light the flame I'll light your desire, when I speak your name, you will feel my fire, and the die is cast for her!" Say your name slowly 3 times before you put your picture face down on top of its order that the two images are together. Wrap the two images, with blue fabric bag. Put the package in a safe place. To make sure your ex gets the message to candles at 8:00 each night and says his name three times. Wait three weeks and it's done.

Tarot Love Spell

a tarot reader with cardsArticles: amateurs card star King of Cups Card Ritual: to find the star and see the floodgates open and all barriers that have prevented you and your soul mate in addition to being eliminated should bring a sense of relief and security from the card. Next all elected court cups card and visualize everything you want in your ideal soul mate try to think of personality traits and physical traits. Son of hair, his laugh and his sense of humor, affection given and received, and so on are all examples. As has been the card face down and you're visualizing, say these words: "I ask all in good spirits, call upon all karmic forces, I call on the powers of decision in width. Define how l "Love can be brought to me! Can "Setting the trump card and say these words: "As I Lay this spell is cast the magic will last letter too bad."

To Attract a Lover

Take a sheet of two or three inches of copper tubing. Type the name that goes into a sheet of paper seven times. Place the paper into a tube and near the ends of a pair of pliers. Use the tube around your neck for seven days and intend to come to you.

A Simple Wish Spell

Keep an element of luck or the charm and light a candle and chant this 3 times: "This simple desire is to build my own, a magic word to make it last. I close my eyes a little shaken, that desire for me, please deliver." While still thinking of your desire, when you have finished configuring the charm, then blow out the candles.

To Regain Lost Love

Another charm of love as the basis for the uninitiated or inexperienced that is designed to recover a lost love: The candlelight following: A red sail south to north, candle east-west green yellow blue candle two candles pink candles around the corresponding position. Hold the two pink candles in their hands and face the red candle to the south. Chant the following until you feel satisfied: "beautiful goddess, god almighty, hear my prayer, Lord of fire, burn my desire, three times if you want to be, do * Name * back to me." It is evident that chanting the name of the person you wish to return to you. We know that the work of pheromones and scientifically proven.

How to Attract a New Love

Everything you need for easy love spell is a little faith in itself and a strong belief in the power of love. To attract the love of your life you must believe that your soul mate in there and take your call. To accelerate the appearance of your true love of your life, the practice of this sort of thing must prevail. What you need: a pen, a blank notebook, a candle, and a piece of material or a cloth bag. The spell is best carried out early in the morning, preferably immediately after waking when your mind is still half in the world of dreams. The night before, you should gather all of the elements and wrap them in the piece of material or placed them in the cloth bag and put them near your bed so you can easily reach them.

Take your notebook and a pen. Close your eyes. Silence repeating the statement several times: "I find the love you seek. May the love that seeks to find me? "Start to write the thoughts come to you. Do you censor? Keep writing until you have to stop and think of something to write. Do not reread what you 'vet written? Close your laptop and your equipment carefully. The tenth day, record all the pages you wrote. Collect the ashes. At dusk, the distribution of ashes containing the secret desires your soul to the universe. We are convinced that the universe will answer your call. Repeat this spell once per month until it is convinced that his true passion, felt the desire.

To Get What You Want

Take a shoe and put it around a red candle. Place the candle in a dark room in the center of a table. Do what you want on a sheet of paper with a black ink. Singing the words you write. What I write here, please take my dream and bring it here.

Magic Love Spell

Attend a clearing or on a Friday or a Monday night. Build a campfire. Pour a handful of coriander seeds in a bowl and say: "O magic coriander, You Crazy" Sprinkle a little cumin to the fire saying: "Oh, the cause of caraway Magic Your walk without grooves" Throw a stick of gum mastic in fire saying: "Oh, the mastic to the magic in her heart and tears of despair" Now, sprinkle some cumin on the fire as saying: "O magic cumin bring him to me." It is here that you discard the layer of verdigris blue-green that forms on copper in the fire saying: "verdigris O Magic lighting the fire in his heart" Now take some myrrh thrown into the fire and say "Oh Magic myrrh him cause her a terrible night" Finally, take a graveyard straw broom lay on the fire and say "Oh broom make him/her to me" This completes the ritual and the one you want will become mad with love because of you!

To Become More Desirable

The fate of love is a simple and easy thing that does not have time for anything. You do not need lots of ingredients and it will not be difficult to cast. This spell will make you more desirable to the opposite sex and is sure to boost your confidence. Materials: 1 pink candle, 1 bottle of 100% virgin olive oil, something to light the candle. Process: Take the candle and place it on a table or altar. Now take the olive oil and rub over the candle in the middle and up, then halfway. While purifying the candle with oil, you want to recharge the candle with love and desire, love and show all their emotions on the sail. Once oiled, take a knife and cut what you want in the candle.

Example: I want "Jane Doe" to love me after I finished writing in the light of candles and do not focus on love and throw a lot of emotion in the flame of the candle as possible, even desired can add words, if desired. Sit down and this until the candle is burned. Make sure you feel comfortable and not disturbed. The more you feel sexy, work this out more for you! Once the candle has burned, the spell is finished.

To Call the Soul Sister

Here is a simple love charm of a pheromone ingredient. Pheromones are powerful and can add a little more than a charming lack of love or attraction. Materials needed: fresh rose petals 1 stick of incense vanilla few drops of essential oil drops of pheromone sandalwood 1 red candle 1 white candle placed anywhere on Friday evening, preferably on a night clear when the moon is set to soothing music and dim the lights. Light the incense and let the smell fills the room. Take the rose petals and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle a few drops of pheromones and set aside. Take the red candle and anoint with a few drops of oil of sandalwood, taking care to brush the center up and the center down. This red candle represents your being. Procedure and display the red light of the candle take a moment and focus your attention on it.

Inhale deeply while counting to five, and then exhale slowly for five counts. Repeat this breathing exercise three times. With each exhale, imagine more energy when the sail is down. Try to visualize your energy like a ray of light coming out of his chest. Imagine that the flame growing bigger and brighter with each breath, as if he draws his power. A simple love charm with an ingredient of pheromones can be very powerful. When combined with an acute accent and display, can be a touching and sensual. Remove your white candle and begin to slow the decline of small circles around the red candle, as if the red candle has a gravitational force and prepare the white candle for her.

Even if you do this, the repetition time 3: Hear my calling, my true love, I yearn for you, come to my side and I heard that you're invited. Touch the white candle to light the red candle. Set the white candle with red and leave until both were burned. To end the spell, the launch of rose petals in the tub and take a relaxing bath. A simple love charm with a pheromone ingredient is a simple, effective and powerful to communicate spiritually with your lover and your wishes.

Love Spells to Bewitch Your Thoughts

This spell magic love is the best performance in Friday night the new moon. In preparation, take a purification bath, wearing attractive clothes and wear perfume seductive. This spell can be very powerful if you feel in your car more beautiful. May you want to participate in the yoga breathing exercises or deep light before clearing your mind and get too focused on their goal? Equipment: 1 candle unscented or lavender candle and spread a bit of lavender essential oil 1 yard of red ribbon vanilla 1 stick of incense process: Light the candle, the anointing with oil of lavender before if necessary, and put it on the altar or table. Light the incense sticks and let the aroma into the room. Close your eyes and visualize where you want, like all the little details. Imagine the look of her lover, the clothes, the smell, the sound of his voice, the way you use your dryer, and so on. A spell of love should never rush to take your time in the design of the image.

Try to remember all the beauty marks, scar and the look on his face and body. When the entire form is firmly planted in his mind reels of red tape around his right index finger and placed on the third eye, the point on the forehead between the eyes on five counts, then in his heart five counts. While retaining a vivid picture of her lover to your mind, exhale as you place your forefinger on the forehead and inhale as you put on the heart. At each end, focus on the brand of tape with the image of his lover. Repeat this process of breathing seven times. When you begin to unroll the tape on your finger, repeat the following words: his image is engraved in my mind, every detail has its place, and I ask you now to think of me, my body, my soul, and my face. The charm of love is complete. Take your red ribbon is cut into sections and place one piece in each region to spend time in at your workplace, your car, your bathroom, kitchen, den, and of course below the 'pillow!

How Soon You May Marry

On Fridays bring flowers of rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, marjoram, each handle A. Dried and ground into a fine powder. Then take a teaspoon of each and mix. Then, take double the quantity of barley flower and make everything into a cake with the milk of a red heifer. This cake should not be cooked. Wrap in paper writing clean and put under his head on a Friday evening when he retires to his bed. Sprinkle your pillow with a few drops of pure pheromones rights. If a person dreams of music that was soon to marry whomever they please. If a person dreams of fire then the love will be contaminated and will not marry whomever they please. For this to work, the paper must be completely empty.

Attract a Lover

Take a sheet of two or three inches of copper tubing. Type the name that goes into a sheet of paper seven times. Place the paper into the tube and near the ends of a pair of pliers. Use the tube around your neck for seven days and intend to come to you.

Attraction Spell

You will need: 1 mirror, no more, other than the compact 2 candles of any color, pink is a good option as it brings friendship and romance from 3 to himself in a comfortable place to spend time, and fire in a safe place, the mirror with a candle on each side. Candles ... Turn down or off, any artificial light. Now, seated before the mirror, look at your reflection. Sit comfortably and relaxed. Notice to all its qualities ... Focus on them ... Then say aloud how wonderful this feature eye, for example. Note their shape and color, speak loudly ... Do it with all its best elements ... Smile to yourself how wonderful you say ... State of all the positive aspects of his personality, his humor, his willingness to help others, and so, on behalf of all the features of beauty, that make you special ...

Speak loud and confidently ... It can be as simple as that! Now comes the hardest part ... Hopefully, with practice, and things up, it will be easier to do! Saying these words, or what you need! I'm pretty or beautiful on the outside, I'm beautiful, and I am in special for me, that love happens! Negative thoughts, they fade now throwing them away negative feelings is banished, to let me shine the love! Repeat at least 5 times per session. And do at least once a day, you may reuse the candles, but please do not inflate!

It is an insult to the air and fire elements. Use a snuffer or wet your fingers and pinch. As they get used to this spell, you can repeat those words or words that you have chosen spells are great, they are made by personal ... Perhaps, in time, and with practice it must change, or maybe you want to do this right away ... Or, not quite ... Whatever you prefer, make an interesting charm to use, simply find a chain with a pendant that suits you, and cover over the ice while your fate, if any wear or visible to you Make your fate. The charm of more strength and continue to work the charm.

Goddess Love Spell to Increase the Pleasure of a Woman

I have a picture of it about your fate or his name written on a piece of paper burning incense Da mien grass, dragon's blood, or true amber. Light a red candle as an offering. Calm down, focus. Then, the edge: the goddess Ishtar, at my request, the goddess Aphrodite, hear my prayer to open the floodgates of desire in women who conspires my heart, you do feel the heat, oh God, my body warm and soft. Burn the paper with his name or picture, the torch lights the red candle.

Kissing Love Spell

Draw the trace of a lip lipstick on a piece of white paper. Then light a red candle and burn the paper in the flames of this sort of sailing and singing, "Kiss me when we meet, kiss me say the full name of the person greets me with your lips and say that 'I missed it. But most of all love me like a lover should do. Magic love kisses, kiss me sweet and I always be our love will last forever as you kiss me now. "Always remember that the view you want to kiss her lover and to evoke the feeling of love.

Candle Love Spell for Two

Equipment: 2 candles, red wine, cinnamon, 2 shallow bowls/cups, a ritual lighting of candles. Pour a little wine in the glasses. Each person begins to heat her cup of wine over a candle. Add a pinch of cinnamon. Shake the bowl to mix cinnamon while finishing the warming. Each person breathes in the two containers. Then recite the following toast: "May the union of man and woman and happiness to both." Touch bowls. The spell is done. Do what comes naturally.

Charisma Love Spell

An important element to achieve love is charisma. Mutter N, disrupt, or between the teeth. The trust is controlled subconsciously by potential partners. Be aware of your own nervousness. Try to feel like a wall between you and the person you want to attract. They are uncomfortable, and then banish the feeling of relaxation in a comfortable atmosphere. Tell yourself that you will enjoy wherever you are and lose that sense of urgency. People who see you in a relaxed atmosphere you want to be, because he will think of some way to relax too. One way to help someone to relax is to refrain from any statements, expectations, and innuendo.

Never flood someone with his knowledge. Just accept what they are and save your judgments and advice for you. Listen and love. Finally, begin to spend more time brushing and grooming him. Image does matter. Eat better, exercise more, and read something. Take time to iron clothes. The three most attractive qualities of a person are: confidence, cleanliness, and a constitution very healthy Forget the shape of your body and face. If you have the three qualities above, you can attract anyone.

Find a Lover

Every Friday night coming to an end Friday night in a full moon, throwing salt on an open fire with his right hand saying: "He's not going to fire salt, but the heart of man/woman look. Give him no peace of mind until he comes to me. "This spell must be issued three times on each occasion. On the third time, the wording should be amended slightly so that" salt is not going to fire, but the heart of man/woman you want. He or she will have no peace until he/she comes to me. "This ends the spell.

Simple Love Charm Attraction Spell

Light orange is a candle in his left hand and say the words: "My desire is as strong as the cry of the crow send my magic in the air I ask you to answer my request, I met with the boy for me so be it! Snuff out the candle, not blowing.

Sexual Attraction Spell

To enhance sexual attraction, cast this spell when the crescent moon. Become an Aphrodite fascinated by the thoughts of erotic love and the place of this symbol on your side, and light a pink or green candle in honor of the beautiful goddess, saying: "Scenarios, Astarte, inept, Ishtar, their power may be aggravated I've been in this league. Imagine the old impulse to procreate merger and summarized in the thigh, extending its will upon him irresistible. Now they say: "Only choose to levy this charm." After all, do not want every Tom Dick and Harriet harassing you. Concentrate until you feel its charm. Set your magnetism with a confident smile.

Love Spell to Attract a Lover

Ingredients: 2 red candles long stem red rose, a piece of parchment paper, pen and red ink or red pen Some objects, photos and other elements that make you think of an ideal partner. These may be a known person, a person's history or his own past, a hero of the film. These elements should not be a person, but a number of different individuals. Perform this spell on a Friday evening in the evening of places, the goddess of love-cycle of the new moon. Light the incense and candles. Breathe the scent of the rose and think about the ideal love in your life. Listen to the sounds, be aware of different sensations in your body ... Feel the relaxation move through you.

Think about what aspects of those pictures you like best. Perhaps the film idol represents their ideal physical, perhaps there is a character in a novel or a film whose qualities you admire, or friend whose courage, honesty, intellectual or physical skill that you would see in a potential mate. Be specific about what he wants. Think about the images of his ideal love and write them on parchment paper in red ink. Now, wrap the paper around the pink and tie with string or ribbon. Now, parchment rose crib wrapped both hands and think about the love of your life entering the field and the return of their passionate feelings. Admire the flame of the candle and visualize yourself in the passionate love and happiness. Now bury the parchment wrapped rose in the soil to grow metaphorically. Invoke a goddess of love to bless your spell.

Love Spell Check

Items: a box decorated as yourself a red candle, candle black, and glue. Time: from a ritual of the new moon from a search for "love" to place objects in the box. Collect nine objects. Send your love energy. Place your articles and photos on your altar. Light the candles in red and black. Collect all the objects in his left hand and think and feel the excitement that you have ever felt while in love. Follow the guide to sense the position of each object. Keep the box in a magical place in your home. From time to time, open the box back and let the objects of the energy inside you to flow through.

To Find a Lover

You need 1 white candle, black candle a piece of rope, a little incense. Light up the incense to the black candle and say "I name the name of the person" and then on the floor and grab the white candle and say: "I called your name," hold the rope and say, "He will gather force of love." Place the black candle on the smoke of incense and let it continue for a few seconds. Light the candle and say: "Name of the person, again I was not ignoring or avoiding me always returns to me."

Place the white candle on the incense, the smoke they go over for a few seconds, the light from the white candle and say: "It's me, your full name of power and full of misery, I miss my lover who left my side and not him/she is gone, but he/she will be with me." Then extinguish the candle. Take the chain to keep the smoke of incense release more than a few seconds, and then place the candles in black and white together. "Then light the white candle display. Then light the candle comes to black shows you. The candles burn and the wave have passed.

To Avoid Breaking

Take rose water and sprinkle on the bed, while reciting the following incantation. "The roses of love bring love back" everyone should walk around with the charm and see each other seamlessly with all the old feelings of love that brought them together in the first place.

Free Easy Love Spells

Love Spells and Magical Incantations