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More Powerful Love Spells Of Attraction

More Powerful Love Spells Of Attraction! Spells to get your new love fast and keep it! —

This fast easy and effective love spell casts a powerful draw of desire upon the target of your affections!

More Powerful Love Spells Of Attraction...

You will need:

This is a very easy, but effective love spell.

It is an old spell and was passed down over centuries, but it still remains one of the most powerful spells for attracting the love of another person.


Bind the three hairs of your love, with the three of your own hairs, with the length of red wool yarn while pronouncing the following words:

"Rue Sanctus spiritus reins nostros and horn nostrum Dominates"

Hide the whole in a place attended by the person whom you want to see falling in love with you or, if that is impossible, burn the hair with the bay leaves and Vervain on a Friday night, with a clear moon, all while concentrating on your desire.

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