Lunar Correspondences for Witchcraft and Wiccan Magick

Moon Phase

The Current Phase of the Moon

"Look to the Moon! For through her many signs, I have beheld great and wonderous things!
King Balzarac, ca 1130 AD

Moon Magic

Ancient cultures observed the flow of time to be a circle without beginning or end. Most people were farmers, hunters and shepherds. They lived and worked close to, and in harmony with, nature. It was vital that they knew the schedule, demands and gifts of nature to survive. They astutely observed that the phases the Moon passed through in a month, coincided with events and changes in their environment. In harmony with the Moon, they learned to plant, fish, harvest, hunt, and make predictions, all by the light of the Moon.

To the Ancients, the mysteries of the heavens were a revelation of divine principles, of which they were a part. The phases of the Moon reflected life as a whole, in life, death, growth, rebirth and change. They paid careful attention to the eclipses of the Sun and Moon. They believed that there is a correlation between events in the heavens and events on the earth. Their observations formed the universal laws that are the foundations of Ancient Wisdom.

Moon Rituals

waxing Moon

THE WAXING MOON: corresponds to the season of spring, birth, the colors green and red, the physical, the earth, growth and sensuality. It is the correct lunar phase to perform all types of magic for healing, attracting good luck and increasing things such as money, love, etc.

full Moon

THE FULL MOON: corresponds to the season of summer, maturity, creation, the colors silver and white, the emotional and psychic. Magickal powers are said to be at their greatest when the light of the Full Moon illuminates the night. Spell work involving fertility, divinations and problem-solving magic are often performed during this lunar phase. The full moon is given different names, depending on when it appears. For example, the "Harvest moon" is the full moon that appears nearest to the Autumnal Equinox, occurring in late September or early October. Some other full moon names, by month, are:

  • January: Moon After Yule or Old Moon
  • February: Snow Moon, Hunger Moon or Wolf Moon
  • March: Sap Moon, Crow Moon or Lenten Moon
  • April: Grass Moon or Egg Moon
  • May: Milk Moon or Planting Moon
  • June: Rose Moon, Flower Moon or Strawberry Moon
  • July: Thunder Moon or Hay Moon
  • August: Grain Moon or Green Corn Moon
  • September: Fruit Moon or Harvest Moon
  • October: Harvest Moon or Hunter's Moon
  • November: Hunter's Moon, Frosty Moon or Beaver Moon
  • December: Moon Before Yule or Long Night Moon
waning Moon

THE WANING MOON: corresponds to the seasons of fall and winter, the colors gray and black, the spiritual, the underworld, death and transformation. It is the time for spell work that involves banishing, binding and eliminating things such as negativity, bad habits, disease, and obstacles.

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