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Magic spells from Our Online Book of Shadows

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Magic Spells - Magick Spells

Magic Spells or Magick Spells (as they are sometimes called) incantations with rituals and potions, charms and ancient rites or invocations can be and are magic spells from our online Book of Shadows — spells of magic used for manipulation of the natural and supernatural worlds for the will or wishes of the witch. Magick spells cast to affect oneself or an inanimate object or a force of nature or even another person are common.

The Words of the Spell

Of extreme importance is the incantation, or the words of the magic spell. Some incantations are passed from witch to witch, or a witch may create others as special needs arise, but spells are like magickal recipes, if not prepared properly—they will not work.

The Will of the Worker

Perhaps the most important ingredient of the Magic Spell is the Witch. Some believe that "pure intent" on the part of the witch is the only thing necessary for successful spell casting, but this has never been proven as true. A magic spell is a combination of ingredients and none can be omitted if you expect the spell to work.

The Book of Shadows

Modern-day witches continue to keep their magick spells in a book called a "Book of Shadows" or a "Grimoire." After casting, witches record each spell, an exact rendering of the spell and the results obtained; information, such as the time of day, date, weather, and incantation used, lunar cycle or anything unusual is written, drawn, or pasted into the book. In this way, the book and the witch's personal power grow together, with their own array of magic tailored to their own special powers and needs.

The collections of spells here at Spelwerx form an "online" Book of Shadows full of Magic Spells provided at no cost for your pleasure and entertainment.

Assorted Magic Spells