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An Introduction to Magick

To truly understand magick, its roots and its workings, takes a lifetime. Unlike many subjects and modern-day religions, the old religion, magickal thought and the life that goes with it is a long journey made from one's earliest enlightenment and continuing for possibly forever.

Witchcraft and Magick

A complete account of witchcraft and magick would fill volumes and would require us to go back to the dawn of intelligent life on Earth, before organized religion began. "Witches," or at least a correspondence, can be found at every level of human evolution and can be dated back a minimum of 25,000 years to the Paleolithic period. A brief accounting cannot begin to scratch the surface of subjects as broad and multi-faceted as witchcraft and magick, but we will attempt to introduce you to the basics.

The Truth About Magick

Although much has been written about the history of magickal thought and witchcraft, most of it is either pure fiction or conjecture. What follows is accepted truths, based on the facts, as we know them today and is an extremely abbreviated accounting of the long journey from point A to point B. It is intended only to cover a few high and low spots in history and gives the reader a small sense of the breadth of magickal thought.

An Introduction to Magick