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Magick: Beliefs and Practices

Before the fourteenth century, witchcraft meant a collection of beliefs and practices, including healing through spells, mixing potions, ointments or concoctions, divining or forecasting the future, and acts of clairvoyance. Those who held sacred other beliefs and rituals, often branded witchcraft as "demon-worship".

Witchcraft Travels to the New World

After North America was discovered and Europeans began migrating to the "New World", witchcraft came into practice by some of the early, colonial settlers. Since it had previously been branded as "demon-worship", witchcraft was forbidden throughout the North American colonies. Despite this decree by the leaders, some colonists secretly practiced witchcraft, even under the fear of knowing they might be hanged or burned if caught and found guilty.

True Magick

True magick holds great power, some good and some evil, depending on the type of magick and the intentions of the practitioner. The better-known types of magick are denoted by colors:

An Introduction to Magick