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Forms and Practices of Magick

Magic has been defined in many different ways. A popular view of magic has always been as a kind of energy that fills the universe. Another popular conception of magic is as a psychic tool, by which we can influence the material world we live in using symbols and rituals. Magic has also been characterized as a means of uniting with the divine, an exercise of one's "will" or the manipulation of reality.

Magick Rituals - A Cultural Phenomenon

Magical rituals, especially involving mundane, natural objects such as herbs and minerals, exist in virtually every human culture. This seems to hold true whether there is a deity worship involved or not.

Magick Energies

There have been differing suggestions of magical currents or energies based on style or intent. Some consider the possibilities of principles, scientific structure or laws of magic as eminently plausible. While yet others approach the definition of magic more subjectively, considering the knowledge of the elements of magic to be personal and therefore peculiar to the individual form.

Magick and Religion

Multitudinous discussions on these subjects have occurred. One immensely admired hypothesis is the magic/individual--religion/group model. This perception postulates that magical practices not involving a congregation and worship service are not religious. For example, a woman casting a love spell with oils and a candle to attract a man would not, under this principle, be a religious act, as it neither involves a congregation nor a worship service. In turn, in accordance with this view, magical practices that include a congregation and worship should be considered as religious. There is a somewhat popular estimation that religious practices cannot be magical, while still others purport that religious rites that summon the service of spirits or unknown forces to initiate some modification in the world are magical. In example, a Christian prayer meeting for the purpose of healing a member of the congregation would be considered magical.

Magick - An Individual Choice

While we are confronted with differing views on what magic is and how it works, it is in the individual human that the true answer is to be found. For belief comes not from without, but from within, and therefore, in conclusion, it can be said today and tomorrow that, ultimately, what one believes is one's own choice and a projection of who they are.

An Introduction to Magick