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Egypt's Magick

A study of the remnant of the original religious literature of ancient Egypt, which has come down to us, have shown that belief in magic, in other words, mystical power of names and spells, and enchantments, and formal and pictures and shapes, and amulets, and the performance of ceremonies accompanied by the pronunciation of words of power, to produce supernatural results, formed a large and important part of Egyptian religion.

The Shape of Things to Come

And it is precisely that, despite sustained growth, where the Egyptians in civilization and the high intellectual development, which they ultimately achieved, this belief influenced their minds, and from earliest to latest stages of their history, shaped their views subjects over time as well as spiritual in a way that at this point in world history is difficult to understand.

Magick Ceremonies

Careful care where they gave their innumerable religious ceremonies, and made the rules under which they are formulated on the worship of the divine power or powers, and their devotion to religious magic, got to them among the countries which they come into contact with a reputation to be simultaneously the most religious and most superstitious people. This reputation is everything, well equipped; this is a little book to show. Egyptian magic comes from the time when the pre-dynastic and the prehistoric inhabitants of Egypt believed that the earth and the world, and the wind and the sky is populated with countless beings, visible and invisible, are considered to be good or evil according to the operation of nature, where they will directly agree or against him. In nature and the nature man is conceived as a primitive people like themselves and to take all the human emotions and feelings and weaknesses and faults, and the chief object of magic is to give people the greatness of such a man.

Magick Manipulations

Benefit of man, nice people, can be obtained through gifts and offers, but the ceasefire on the part that is not peaceful and evil can only get by wheedling, and excess praise and flattery, or by making use of an amulet, or secret name, or a magic formula, or a figure or image which has the effect of bringing the use of deadly efficacy claims of a character who mightier than the enemy who threatened to do him harm. The magic most early nations aimed at getting the translation of power from a supernatural person is where he should make it possible to get high results to humans and even for a time as mighty to the original possessor of power, but the purpose of Egyptian magic man Aware of the importance of overriding both friendly and hostile powers, yes, later, even God himself, to do what he wants, if you want to or not. Belief in magic, the words used in its best sense, is older in Egypt than the belief in God, and is certainly a very large number of Egyptian religious ceremony, which was adopted in recent times as an important part of a very spiritual worship, their origin in superstitious customs that come from a time when God in any name or in any form, was unthought of in the minds of Egyptians.

In reality it is likely that the sign represents an ax, and where does hieroglyphics character both for God and "God", it indicates your arms. Equipment working on the performance of ceremonies in connection with religious magic in prehistoric, or at least in pre-dynastic times, when it is in some mysterious way symbolized the presence of a great Power. But be this as it may, it is certainly magic and religion developed and flourished around everywhere in Egypt during its history, and all studies that we can always make a test one. From the religious books of ancient Egypt, we find that the power held by a priest or people with needed skills and practical knowledge of magic believes that almost forever. By saying certain words or names in power in the right way and right tone he would heal the sick and cast the evil spirits that cause pain and suffering for the damage and restore the dead life, and donate the dead man's power to transform the corruptible to an incorruptible body where the soul can live forever. His words that people can take different forms at will and projects in their souls to animals and other creatures, and by keeping his commandments, insensate and the number of images was a man living things, and hastened to carry out his commandments.

The force of nature identified his cattle, and the wind and rain, high winds and storms, river and sea, and disease and death worked evil and destroy his enemies and the enemies of the earliest knowledge of words which he has wrested from God, heaven and earth, the world. Inanimate nature also obey these words of power, and even the world itself came to life through the pronunciation of a word by Thoth; by using their land will be divided and the waters fail their properties can be piled in a heap, and so even today, the sky may be postponed by a word. No god or spirit, or degenerate, or fiend, could resist words of power, and the Egyptians invoked their aid to the smallest and the biggest event in their lives. For him, who was trained in traditional knowledge available in the book of "double house of life" in the future, is also known as the former, and even time or space may limit the operations of his power, mysteries of life and death were laid bare in front him, and he can only pull the curtain that hid secret fate and destiny from the knowledge of ordinary mortals.

The Magick Torch

Now, if such views on power held by the magician to educate the descendants of ancient Egypt has a small wonder and when we discover that faith and superstition of the most bad character flourished with rank luxuriance among the peasants and working class of the country, has failed to understand the complex symbol of rituals performed in temples, and there are too ignorant to distinguish the spiritual conceptions which lay at the oars - to meet the needs of religious people who troll, and then again priests have found it necessary to give pageants and ceremonies which appealed especially to themselves and following their example, unscrupulous but clever people took advantage of the ignorance of the general public and blind to the knowledge of the supernatural, and who argue that possession of power against God, and Spirits and demons. Such false knowledge and power that they sold for money, and for having called the magician is ready to further any transaction or bad dirty techniques that her fool you to meet. It degenerated into magic, witchcraft, and Demonology, and understanding ships and those who have treated them regarded as coordinating the Devil, and servants of the powers of darkness, and the staff of "black art."

White and Black Magick of Egypt

The "white" and "black" magic of the Egyptians in almost all spells known in other countries in the world can be found, it is impossible to really see how much religion and belief systems of other countries affected them through, but doubts that some religious views and ideas of pagan and Christian sects can be traced directly to them. Many interesting evidence can be presented to support this claim, but the limits of this book will not admit their sheep here. If we consider the lofty spiritual character of a major part of Egyptian religion, and remember its great antiquity, it is difficult to understand why the Egyptians carefully preserved in their writings and ceremonies of that savored of overt and Bill superstition and should be a product of their pre-dynastic or prehistoric ancestors, even in their greatest intellectual explanation. But the fact remains that they believe in a God who is omnipotent and eternal, and invisible, who created heaven and earth and all living creatures and things in it, and resurrection of the body in a changed and glorified form, which lives forever in company with spirits and souls of the righteous in a kingdom ruled by a character of divine origin, but who lived in the ground and suffered a cruel death at the hands of his enemies, and arose from the dead, and was God and king of the world which is beyond the grave and that although they believe all these things, and expressed their faith in almost passionate earnestness, never seem to exempt themselves from a hankering after amulets and talismans, and attractive names and words of power, and seems to have confidence in them to save their souls and bodies, both living and dead, with something of the same trust that made the death and resurrection of Osiris.

Magick and Religion

A case of surprise that they seem to see nothing contradictory in such a mixture of magic and religion, and the general attitude of mind in the Egyptian section is well illustrated by the following facts. Linked to service Rah, Sun God of Thebes, there existed many companies of priests whose duties consisted of making many copies of books about religious life in obedience to the divine tradition, "as in ministering to God in their appointed time." Members of the company that wrote the copy of the Book of the Dead which were buried with kings and queens and personages of royal or high ranking authority and declared the omnipotence of Almighty God, whose visible symbol of humanity was the sun, and His sovereignty over things celestial and things terrestrial with no uncertain voice, and we should expect them to think what they expressed, i.e. that God is strong enough to protect his monument in the sky. Nevertheless the priests of Thebes made copies of works, which contained the text is recited in the specified date and time of day and night, and gave guidelines for the performance of magical ceremonies, the stated purposes as to avoid the mythical animals from Ape vanquishing the Sun-god. And it says in all seriousness that if a piece of papyrus, where a figure the animal is released, and a wax figure of him was burned in the fire made a certain type of grass, and the required word is recited over them as they burn, the Sun God were delivered from APEP, and even the rain or cloud of fog may prevent its light would fall. Moreover rubric describes the performance of the ceremony as a great work.

An Introduction to Magick