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Magick Molds the Telling of History

The true religious history of Europe has never been written and quite possibly will never be known, as there has been so much suppression and distortion of facts. What we do know however is that the accepted version is false. The idea of a "conversion" of the Roman Empire to Christianity and that it was meekly accepted and cherished is preposterous.

Christianity Makes a Mold

Christianity was imposed by force upon a reluctant world. Although our ancestors, the Ancients, were denied schooling and kept in the thralls of bleakest ignorance, we must hail them for their persistent and tireless rebellion against the corrupt Christian Church. For it has only been by use of deadly force on a colossal scale that the Church has managed to maintain its dominion for so many centuries.

The Challenge of Witchcraft

Enter witchcraft, as an expression of a constant effort by a people to rid themselves of a religion forcefully imposed upon them. Manichaeism, a rival religion to Christianity in the fourth century and the writings of St. Augustine (who was at first a Manichaean, but later one of the worst slanderers of the religion) reveal to us how heroically its adherents fought for their creed even long after imperial decrees had declared, under pain of confiscation and death, that Christianity was to be the sole religion of the empire.

An Introduction to Magick