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Magick Competes Against Misconceptions and Misrepresentations

To better put into perspective the gross misconceptions and misrepresentations heaped unmercifully upon the Pagans and Heathens, it is interesting to make note of a letter written by Pope Gregory IX to his bishops in Germany. In 1233, Pope Gregory IX wrote to the bishops of Germany and urged them to seek out and persecute all heretics. The letter (from the Latin in the "Annales" of Ravnaldus, year 1233, p. 89) a bizarre composition which bring a smile to the lips when one hears Catholics claim some special divine interest in their church and its popes, but it is too long to be quoted here in full.

Misinformation from the Pope

In his letter, the Pope stated that amongst these heretics "when a neophyte is received there appears to him a kind of frog," though some say it is a toad. Some kiss it shamelessly on the buttocks, others on the mouth, drawing the tongue and spittle of the animal into their mouths. Sometimes this toad is "as big as a goose or a duck." The neophyte next encounters a "man of extraordinary paleness, with deep black eyes, and so thin that his skin seems to be stretched over his bones." The neophyte kisses him and finds that he is "as cold as ice." The worshipers then sit at a table, a large black cat comes out of a statue and all of them in the order of their dignity kiss its buttocks. After a time the lights are extinguished and there is the usual orgy of sexual intercourse. If, the Pope gravely explains, there are more men than women, or women than men, they resort to sodomy. The candles are once again lighted and they sit again at the table. From a dark corner of the room emerges a sort of man "shining like the sun from the loins upward, but rough as a cat below." The neophyte is presented to this devil, and the faithful give consecrated hosts, which they have stolen, from the churches where they have communicated.

According to the Pope, this was almost an exact account of a witch meeting. The Pope then adds another significant detail. He states with great authority and obviously privileged knowledge, that the heretics declare God to be a tyrant who unjustly condemned Lucifer to hell. According to the Pope, the heretics claim Lucifer to be the real creator of the world and prince of men, and that in the end, Lucifer will regain his rightful place.

A Twisting of the Truth

Through the efforts of misguided persons such as Augustine and Pope Gregory IX, the old religion, which is based on thousands and thousands of years of learning and experience starting at the dawn of the world, was terribly twisted in its presentation to the unknowing masses and fearfully condemned by the innocent ignorant. But great strides have been made in the past century. Increased education and enlightenment have been bestowed by caring individuals upon persons who formerly would have gone without. Magick, its roots and its present-day applications are surfacing and being accepted into the mainstream. Many are realizing where the truth lies and how to attain the wealth of personal satisfaction, harmony, peace and understanding that come with it.

An Introduction to Magick