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Magic Love Spells

Magic Love Spells Through History

Magic love spells, magic love spell incantations, rituals, hexes, and conjurations have been utilized throughout human history. From ancient times, when love and fertility were both considered whims of the gods who could be cajoled and appeased, to modern times, where many look for a little assistance in making a love connection.

Charms for Magic Love Spells

Charms are often used in magic love spells to attract a lover. Magic Charms are often objects with anatomical shapes, oils, and plants associated with love goddesses or animal parts believed to have potent magical powers and use in spells. Medieval magicians sometimes fashioned magic love spell charms resembling the labrys, forming a two-headed axe, representative of the female sex organs. Mandrake root, which often resembles male genitals, was also believed to be a powerful and effective aphrodisiac. In fact, it was sometimes called “Circe’s plant,” after the infamous sorceress.

Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs

Love potions used in magic love spells are often simple aphrodisiacs—herbal recipes with varying physical effects. Some can be dangerous, composed of oils, animal parts, strong spices, and even drugs and toxins, unless specifically approved by the FDA, they should be avoided.


The most popular magical method for pursuing love is the use of magic love spells. Good magic love spells are usually based on age-old magic practices—love charms to be worn on the body or placed near the bed, paper spells invoking saints, Gods, or angels, or making incantations over foods to be eaten by the intended.

Wiccan spells often involve burning candles with human shapes or anointed with oils, which are then moved toward one another while a simple chant is performed.

Control and Manipulation

Powerful and potent magic love spells are sometimes used or intended to influence or control an individual. They will often incorporate significant personal items like the hair, nail clippings, bodily fluids, or personal property of the desired individual.

Modern magic traditions take a strong stand against interfering with the free will of another person's love, and these types of spells should NEVER be employed.

Love Spells and Magical Incantations