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Most Trusted Love Spells for Fast, Reliable Results

Most Trusted Love Spells that you can count on to get reliable results - fast, easy, and free. These spells really work. The most trusted love spells anywhere can be found right here to get you the love you want and need today. Stay away from love spell scams! Why should you have to pay to get the most trusted love spell available? Love spell casting is fun and easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home! Why trust someone else to do what you can easily do yourself — for FREE! We have the most trusted love spells on the planet for you right here — right NOW — FAST, EASY, and FREE!

Most Trusted Love Spells for Reliable Love — RIGHT NOW!

Love spells most trusted are those that consistently provide good results. Outcomes my vary for many reasons, but the results of most trusted love spells will be stable. Good results from a love spell means that the spell produced an appropriate product. This in turn means that, based on the circumstances associated with the spell and its worker, and the target subject and his or her disposition, combined with the broadly assumed flow of the universal life streams, the love spell produced an outcome that seemed consistent with the best interests of all parties. This doesn't mean that all parties were satisfied with the outcome, only that the general impression created was one of unilateral positivity. Love spells capable of producing this type of result time and again can be classed as "trustworthy" and would be considered amongst the most trusted of love spells.

Most Trusted Love Spells: "Intent" is a key component

Love spells performed that can be trusted most are those that are cast with only the best of intentions. Experienced witches know that intent is always a key component of any spell, but in the case of love spells, the importance of a worker's intent is magnified in relation to the overall motivation, spellcasting, and outcome. We recommend that all magic spell be cast with caution and care and we do not condone or approve of any spellcasting done with ill intent or a desire to cause pain, suffering, misery, discontent, or harm. Furthermore, we do not warrant or guarantee anything associated with any of the spells we provide nor do we assume liability for any action, act, representation, or intent of any user of any spell provided at this site or any other site associated with or linked to or from this website. All spells provided by us are provided as CURIOS ONLY for the entertainment of the user. We make no real claims as to the accuracy or effectiveness of any spell and accept no responsibility or liability for any result, good or bad, from their use. All spells are offered "as is" to be used at the worker's own risk. All that having been said, we hope you enjoy our most trusted of all love spells and find them helpful in some way.

Most Trusted Love Spells:

To Attract Perfect Lover

To make a pouch called a perfect lover begins in the east. Move right, throws a magic circle and call on the powers of the four directions - to, east, south, west, north - as you turn. Now, place four white candles around the circle, one in each of the four directions and the position of a red candle in front of you, behind a glass cup or glass. Light all the candles. Have ready a piece of white paper, and write all the qualities you want in a potential lover. Prepare and lighting incense to cardamom, herbs and cloves. Save the document that contains the qualities of your partner, with incense, until all reduced to ashes. Place ashes in a bag of red silk, which is worn around the neck. Kiss of the bag often during the day, remembering what you want.

Materials needed:

In you room, open the curtains. If it is warm, open windows and let the moonlight and the breeze in the light of candles around your bedroom and get comfortable in bed, place the red candle burning at his bedside. Hold the stone in his hand the power (which he wrote with). Imagine yourself in love, the love given and received, improving their lives. At this point, put a few drops of human pheromones behind the ear and wrist. What kind of partner you want to share your day with? What kind of relationship they want? Do not focus on what you want, not what you want. Honesty, commitment, respect, love. Cast a spell on someone you love is a mistake. It is not fair; it violates the Wiccan Rede, and always returns. Visualized with the love of your life is a wonderful thing. Sharing your life with someone special is something we all have in common. To actively participate in their event helps us to be open to the possibility of love.

Charging the three stones with the emotions they generate and their desire to attract love into your life. Set the stones around the red candle. Light the candle and let burn until the end. As the candle burns slowly, the burden of energy is released slowly stones. Give Thanks and close the ritual.

Trusted Love Spell

This love spell is designed to attract the ideal partner and partner. In a circle, ground and center. Think about all prejudices that you have the perfect game. Maybe you have a specific candidate in mind for romance. Press the thought of that person (it would be highly unethical to do magic to a certain person I love you, what would constitute a violation of their free will, and a compromise on the Law of Return). Free all concepts of what your perfect lover look. These are external, and if you cling to them, then we run the risk of overlooking your ideal partner simply because you're conscious mind focused on surface.

Materials needed:

Timing: This love spell can be made at any time. Usually, we find that the night is the best.

When your mind is clear and open, keep the candle of your favorite color: this represents. Meditate, and then speak aloud all the qualities and energies that are willing to contribute to an intimate relationship. Replace the candle on the altar, and choose white. This is your ideal partner. Speak aloud the essential qualities you want in a partner, and ask Aphrodite to bring together in this life. Now place the two candles in their holders at opposite ends of the altar. Draw a heart in the center with red chalk, large enough for the candle. Each day thereafter, meditate on the perfect love relationship for a few minutes, and then move the two candles an inch together. If you started the new moon, then by the full moon the candles should touch the heart center. When they meet, draw two more hearts around the top of the energy increases, singing your favorite love song, and the cost of candles.

Love Spell May

The best way to play Red or the magic of sex is to use the power that is contained in your physical body. This is the raw power of desire, paramount. Awareness of this part of you, listen, grow and be able to manage that, sooner or later. Listen to your body and your wisdom that is thousands of years: the wisdom of your intuition. Women are slightly more successful in the real magic in comparison with other men because they have this natural ability to listen and tend to be more intuitive. However, any man can develop the same quality, feminine quality, and help you understand women and be a better lover, at the same time. Thus, the secret of true love, magic: the use of his body. At the biochemical level, love spells will help increase their pheromones, chemicals odorless and tasteless, which attract the opposite sex. What follows is a love spell out complete and may take some time to prepare and cast. This spell has had positive results reported by many people. With D. J. Conway to write.

Materials needed:

Procedure: Place the altar facing the West. Cover with a cloth, green or pink. The love light incense. Sprinkle the altar with rose petals and elder flowers. Put a pink candle at both ends of the altar, and a picture or statue of a cat or a dove in the center of the back along a magenta candle. Set the pot in the center with a candle lit inside pink. Sprinkle equal parts of rose petals, yarrow, and thyme and around the boiler. Put your green stones along a moonstone, white, and the magnet in the circle of grass. Now, draw an imaginary circle with her wand of power or hand around his altar and the work area. With the ritual knife, carve out their wishes in the candle pot. The anointing with oil of roses. "Feed" which ensures your wishes with your hands. Light and say:

The candle power, strength,
Create my desire tonight,
Firepower movement of the candle,
Take my desire of my heart,
My words are strong, the victory is won,
So I say. This spell is done.

Put a pinch of ginger on the altar of basic water, saying:

Children of water, the smallest of the Light,
Join my spelling tonight,
Enacted by the mother of all things good and natural,
I felt in my heart,
We are united, and not a party.

Raise your arms and opening his heart to the deity. Explain that you need for true love.

To complete the ritual, for example:

Blessings to all who come to my rescue,
Between friends is this market.

Snuff the candle last two, leaving the magenta and the cauldron of the candle burning. Delay in clearing the altar until the candles have burned down. He sprayed the circle of grass on the ground as an offering to the spirits of nature, or put them in a small cloth bag to carry with you. Give the elementary at the next full moon.

Seed Love Spell

It is recommended that you cast this spell on a Friday, like Venus, planet of love and romance, also rules the day.

Materials needed:

Choose a time that you know are not disturbed. While getting everything you need together, reflecting on the love that you want to invite into your life. Turn the burner oil and red and green candles. Place the red rose in front of burning candles. Hold the rose quartz in his hand and you look at the candle flame, repeat the Angel Invocation below:

Archangel Anneal call you on this eve of Venus
I grant my wish,
I ask for love eternal and true,
May the flame of the candle,
The scent of the rose,
Take Away,
And I give my heart,
Just Be

Thank you to the archangel Anneal to help you and let the candles burn. Eat the apple and save the seeds. Place the rose, the seeds of apples, and rose quartz crystal on a windowsill where it will bring the magic of the moon. The next morning when you wake up, planting apple seeds in a pot of suitable culture medium. Take care of your seeds in a care and plants begin to grow, love will come into your life. Keep the rose in a vase and when it fades, the petals dry and store in a special place with rose quartz in memory of its charm of love.

Vanilla-Lavender Spell of Love

This is specially formulated to clarify the love, desire and attraction in its own way.

Materials needed:

Choose a night when unchanged. Take a few hours to calm your mind, maybe take a relaxing bath scented with lavender oil, aloes wood or burn incense while meditating. Once your mind is free of stress and problems look in the mirror and repeat 3 times:

I'm looking for love,
I love,
Love Embrace.

Maintaining this positive energy in mind, remove pink candle (color of the candle represents the love, friendship, romance, love, partnership and peace) and use your PIN to register their name above. Anoint the candle off with a drop of vanilla fragrance oil. Concentrate on your goal as you drop oil on the candle. Light the candle, as you say:

Lady Venus, light the fire if you can show the path.

Once the candle is lit, hold before you and closes his eyes. Focus your mind and all his energy into the feelings and thoughts of love and desire. You can focus on the object of his desire, or may focus on positive images that remind you of love. Staying in this state of meditation until you feel the need to continue. He opened his eyes; put the candle on the surface before you say:

Lady Venus, have these thoughts of desire in your heart and carry this flame,
I'm looking for love as the search for me and hope to meet again.

Add a pinch of sea lavender flames on the ground. This will add to the positive energy of the spell. Allow the candle to burn in his own feelings about the positive effects of his fate to take over.

Trusted Love Spell of Rapid Reconciliation

This spell is meant to heal a troubled relationship. Everyone knows that relationships are prone to ups and downs. Sometimes mystical aid can be useful in restoring the strong love that builds a relationship. Before throwing it out, their intentions should be good and true. You must have a strong desire to reconnect with the love that exists within oneself. You are not casting a spell on your partner; you use this spell to invoke the mutual love they share.

Materials needed:

Timing: This spell must be cast in the morning, because it is a time of new beginnings. You must do the spells at dawn after the new moon. Under the spell at this time of month when natural cycles are a new departure is the creation of a new beginning in the cycle of their relationship.

Location: This spell should be done facing east, the direction of sunrise. When the sun rises, light and heat each time will reflect the warmth of his heart.

Procedure: Place the two white candles in the door next to the red carpet. These candles represent you and your partner. Candlelight so they burn in unison. Sit quietly and meditate on the happiness of your relationship has brought you. Unleash your opinion, anger and preconceptions. Concentrate on what you want from your relationship and what you can give. Six is the number of marriages, harmony, balance and equilibrium. For this reason, use six stones during this spell. Mystically, Onyx is used to help change habits. Rose Quartz is used for forgiveness and opening your heart. Take the first stone. With the stone in his hand, saying aloud that you received a gift of their relationship. Place this stone next to burning candles. Gather the following brands. Call for positive energy or quality that you want to bring to their relationship. Place the stone with candles lit. One by one, choose the next four stones. Every stone in his hand, a different gift verbalize their relationship was or wants to inject new energy into the relationship. Place the stones around the candle so that when each stone is placed a perfect circle is formed. Allow the candles to burn. Once the candles have been burned, place six stones in a velvet bag. I dream of this bag under your pillow until the next new moon.

Trusted Love Spell of the Raspberry Leaves

If you are impatient and eager for the love that you love in return is the spell you want.

Materials needed:

Timing: This spell should be performed three nights in a row. Start two nights before the full moon. The third night, to perform the spell, the moon must be full. The charm is much less powerful if performed during any other time. This spell is best done under the moon and bare feet (which are connected to Mother Earth).

Procedure: Begin the tea. Then fill the container with water and add 3 drops of lavender oil. Put candles on a plate and light. He cut a lock of her hair, adds to the pan and places the bowl on the floor. Take three sips of tea with raspberry. Put the tea on the ground beside the cup. Walk around the cup seven times, repeating softly to himself the name of the person you love. Take three sips of tea. Stroll into the cup of the other seven times, saying: "I (your name) wants (the name of your love) love." Blowing out the candles. Cover the dish with its clothing. Finish the rest of tea before bed. Repeat this ritual on the night of the second and third. The third night, the night of full moon, bury his lock of hair. Pour water into the cup on the bare earth above. Use clothing when you finish your tea. Give the sails of a close friend in a safe place. It is a powerful charm. No practice lightly!

Trusted Heart Love Spell

Love Spell Timing: The best time to cast a spell love is a Friday because that day is associated with the goddess of love, Venus. The ideal phase of the moon is the crescent moon, which occurs during the transition period when a new moon to full moon. The spells cast by a crescent moon are usually reserved to bring new things in your life or get something. The time of day is not particularly important, but make sure you are relaxed but alert and perfectly suited to your magic writing.

Materials needed:

Melt the red or pink candle in a pot (or cauldron, if you have one), stirring frequently. Once the candles have melted, remove from heat and let cool. When the wax has cooled, but still pliable, take it to the altar and begin to shape a little heart. While working the wax with your hands, think of all the qualities you want in a lover or partner. This flow of thoughts in his head, arms and fingers in the wax. Image of words flowing from your fingers and be molded into the heart. When the heart is formed, take a pin and carve the initials of his name in the center core, then anointing the heart, the two white candles and a quartz crystal with the mint oil. When an object anointing with oil, rubbing the oil in a downward motion as it means to make magic in you. RUB first top half of the object, then from the bottom to the middle. Never rub up and down as it defeats the purpose. Wipe the excess oil in the third eye (center front) and the sternum. Once done, the white light candles and incense and pass the crystal through the smoke of incense on three occasions. Repeat this action with the heart. Focus on the tendrils of smoke curling around and packing of the crystal and heart as you move them and repeat these words:

My love is pure and my heart is full,
Venus, hear my prayer,
Take my true love with me,

Hold the heart of wax in one hand and glass in one hand and closes his eyes. Engage in quiet meditation and focus on your breathing. Imagine yourself surrounded by a cloud of red fire, and with each inhalation, the smoke fills the lungs and strengthens the love and power in you. More time to think about it deems appropriate. After the candles and incense was burned, the location of its center of homemade wax, rose quartz crystal and some of the ashes of incense in the red bag or a scarf. Place this talisman house somewhere where they can see every day, namely in his dresser or night, in a windowsill or in your car. You can also choose to place it under your pillow each night, so you can dream of her lover.

Love Spell Sinfully Wicked Scent Sensation

The use of perfume has been around for thousands of years. Throughout the centuries, their goal was to make the user more attractive and convenient for fans. The perfumes can be very toxic and it is amazing how different combinations of flavors can make us feel a multitude of different sensations and feelings. A charming fragrance of love May contain a large number of flavors like mint, jasmine and lavender, but nothing will make a spell more powerful scents or a few drops of pheromones to her. If you are looking for that unique scent to attract someone special, look no further.


Grind leaves of lemon, a sprig of mint and cinnamon with mortar. Add a cup of distilled water and mix, and then add 3 tablespoons of vodka. This will be the basis of the charm of love perfume. Then add the essential oil of sandalwood, then follow the Ylang Ylang, vanilla and oil; end drops of lavender oil. As you add these oils, one drop at a time, displaying the image of her lover. Try to imagine every aspect of the minute body of her lover, each mole, scars, and property. Imagine it's the smoke and perfume flows towards its desired attractive and draw you like a magnet. The last thing to do is add pheromones. As you add each drop, repeat the following chant:

Love is a heady tonic,
Who blind your eyes and binds the heart,
I ask you, my lover,
May never be separated.

Pour love the charm of a fragrance in a container with an airtight lid and shake well. The smell just about 12 hours. You can transfer the perfume in a dark or opaque bottle with a cotton swab and apply it, or you can transfer some of it in a spray bottle for easy application. Storing your fragrance in a cool dark place will help to maintain its power over a long period of time. Apply liberally whenever desired!

Love Spells and Magical Incantations