Music in the Practice of Witchcraft

Music is now, and has always been, a key element in the practice of Witchcraft. From the earliest beginnings of the human search for a relationship with the powers of the universe and our own personal, centered environment, humans have incorporated forms of music into their quest. Initially copying the sounds of nature and eventually creatively forming melodies and sounds that were found to be pleasing and powerful, the human spirit found flight in the production of music, song, and dance.

Today, we have available a wide variety of sound and song from around the world and it is with wisdom that the eclectic witch incorporates the musical and tonal resources available into her/his practice.

In our ongoing effort to provide you with the best available resources for the pursuit of your chosen path, we have incorporated into these pages links to the currently bestselling sounds from a variety of musical genres. We hope you find them useful and enriching.

Magickal Music: