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Ouija Board Primer

The word is Wee-ja delivery but sadly often badly pronounced inaccurately like Wee-jee.

The origins of the Ouija Board start with two sisters; the Fox sisters, who actively claimed to communicate with spirits systematically. They developed a system of the knocks for each letter of the alphabet and thus communicated with the world of spirit by using this method. Word quickly traveled about the talent of the sisters to contact deaths and soon each one of America towards Europe wanted to make the same thing.

The plays of living room were soon on the market with first being ouija board of significance of Small planchet the small one in French. The Small planchet was a wood panel with the joined wheels and two of a pencil. Fingers would be placed on the panel of wood and the spirits would guide the movement of the hands creating of the words. Naturally these plays were open of interpretation and often the players could not decipher what they was the spirits said and became reamed soon with the quantity of time when it took with the definition expresses.

More plays of this type became available but in 1891 two Sirs, bond and Charles Kennard d' Elijah, had an idea to on top attach the small planchet to a ouija board with the alphabet and in fact had invented the first Ouija Board. William celebrates Fuld, which was then an employee of Kennard thereafter ensured the production of the ouija board in 1901 pennies its own name of company and quickly made patent the named Ouija. It then successfully sold its version of the ouija board under this name. Fuld claimed the word Ouija was entirely its idea and given to him via a meeting employing to it his to have the ouija board very. It claimed the word was Egyptian antique for the good luck. It is incorrect, but the name continued above since.

William Fuld actively continued copies of Ouija or all the other daring companies to exhaust the line of name or concept until her death in 1927. The businesses of Fuld were liquidated thereafter with the brothers of Parker, now Hasbro, in 1966. Hasbro always holds the trade mark over this day, however this trade mark is not international and not genericizised also for the Ouija Board.

ouija boards of Ouija are sold in the stores such as the toys R us, the United States, , however if you are serious about buying a ouija board, and to want it now, the test printing our castle of the spirits have the Ouija Board very or if you want suitable wood Ouija as sold by test Amazon.com de Hasbro because they have a wide chain of the ouija boards of Ouija and similar articles to sell.

You do not need a Ouija Board to lead a meeting. The meeting of word is French significance sits, session, derived from the old man to seoir French of limit, to rest. The Ouija Board did not always appreciate the statute of innovation however, and as many can know you, it has more sunk association and more disaster. The panel was regarded as a play of recreation so that any family plays, particularly so that friends collect and play afterwards of the parts of dining during time victoriennes. It took place until the beginning of the Twenties, when a shade was thrown above the use of the ouija board and to contact of Ouija deaths.

The magician celebrates Harry Houdini who was also noted for meetings demystifying and to question the paranormal, wrote these five people of Carrito, California were alienated leads by employing a ouija board.

Some doctors started to note the state of minds changed in some constant users of the ouija board, these states were sometimes so serious that engagement with an asylum was required.

Dr. Curry, old direct medical of asylum alienated to appease of the New Jersey claimed that the Ouija Board was a dangerous factor by désiquilibrant the spirit and vintage that if their popularity persisted, of alienated asylums people would be filled who employed them.

The next main thing and the most important influence in the fall of Ouija were probably in 1973 after the release of well-known film of horror the exorcist. In the Regan exorcist, the girl had by Pazuzu the demon, initially communicated with the demon by a Ouija Board. For the first time the public has of any heart believed in the idea of film that the play with a Ouija Board could have like consequence anything but with the trouble, or, like in the case of worse Regan. The Ouija Board then suffered a great decline in his popularity, people started to burn their own ouija boards and to avoid the sale of them stores of play. To date the Ouija Board shaken forever in addition to this terrible connection with the evil, the side in black and the black magic.

There are many various theories as for why and to the way in which a Ouija Board works. The psychologists and the skeptics explain it like simple type of the reflex of muscle which automatically makes your hand move and of your subconscious ordering of spirit the words which are defined. This action is often called the effect of ideomotor. It is an action of engine without knowledge which is the result of the suggestion or the hope and allotted not only to the action of the ouija boards of Ouija, but to also defer to incline and dowsing. There naturally is no strong obviousness to support these complaints, but we must motionless remain open occupied in fact that a Ouija Board can in fact of not being a manner of communicating with spirits.


1 large table—a dining table is a good idea—with a polished surface.

Paper, a black pen, scissors and glass.

To simply write the alphabet and the numbers one nine with the words yes not and goodbye on paper and cross or tear in places around each letter, of each number and the words. Not to place the letters of the alphabet in a large circle, enough large so that glass moves around inside, with the words yes not and goodbye in the middle of the circle of the alphabet.

To place your glass in the middle of the table and to follow the instructions below


Two people or more are recommended for the use of the Ouija Board - more than three tight can be a little two - the feeling general is that three is right about the good quantity for a meeting.

Initially of all to make sure that each one which is present would like to take part in the meeting. Not to make take part no matter whom who is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If no matter who is finished his skeptic always a good idea to remove them room. If no matter who is frightened or worried, to try to convince them to only remain, their statement to leave them or put in another room left the meeting.

To form a circle around the ouija board with all the participating members.

To bind the hands on the left on the line.

To say a prayer of protection, please find the castle of the spirits have the prayer on our ouija board downloadable of Ouija.

Each person must place 2 fingers of a hand on the indicator, small planchet.

To require of questions which you would like answered and soon the small planchet should start to move around the ouija board in the answer.

To make sure that only one person asks questions at the same time what avoids confusion.

To try to avoid any negativity or to ask anything bad.

If the ouija board does not work the permuting test of the participants around and taking some participants gives in addition to small planchet

The small planchet can start while turning of the circles - some to say that it is the spirit trying to gain energy to communicate - some say that it is the spirit finding it is manner around the ouija board.

If you do not include/understand what the spirit to you to require of him of the repetition the answer tries to communicate or to put the questions which will define clearly what you would like to know.

If a spirit seems to have to communicate trouble to require what you can do to improve the communication.

If a spirit moves to goodbye letting it go and say goodbye.

If the small planchet draws aside or fall the ouija board, to place it simply behind in the medium and to go from there.

If you want to finish the place of meeting the small planchet on goodbye and to say that you leave now. Each one should then remove their hands of the ouija board and the table. The ouija board will be closed.

If the Ouija Board in fact comes into contact with spirits of died and gone a long time, then you can have to show a certain quantity of attention as for which you communicate with and judge to remember what follows:

Some words of ouija board of a friend to me narrow which is a medium:

The spirits have various personalities right like you and I - much of the time when they become impatient and cannot spell, they employ sometimes letters like U for you and R for are, 2 for with and so on. Completely often they employ simply the initial one of the person whom they speak, or, instead of defining their name. To realize that it requires much energy on the two sides to have to go from meeting. If the spirit becomes tired they find it difficult to communicate with us and the things will also not function as well or without jolt which you would wish. Since energy is employed and so étée necessary, something as a possession would be almost unthinkable and not very realistic, and impossible, to make, and moreover, there is no true obviousness of such a thing never occurring. Occupied to be opened, to pay attention and to realize!

If a spirit appears which is finished coarse, to obstruct or seems to have a violent personality, the communication should be broken immediately - not to try to speak with this form about spirit about some way or to form - if you maintain the ouija board open it only you turn over and obstruct - it is the best than you stop the meeting, put the ouija board far, and give him a rest during one moment, if all is well next the meeting will not bring back this annoying spirit.

Sometimes the spirits will seem liars and the misleading ones, just as they were in human form, there are not also much outside there as this but they are outside there. To believe only all one says to you without questioning it.

Does true there no, last obviousness to show that something is delayed above afterwards, which is of saying that the events which occur after are is not it of a meeting? You must be sure that you do not speak each other in things and do not associate a meeting all that occurs after Juste because you can, and right because a meeting is a great excuse to blame things above. Do this wonder would have occurred if I had a meeting? The answer is usually YES, it could occur constantly, anywhere, it does not mean only something of Ouija Board causes production of things.

A its sad fact that the majority of the stories surrounding of the events to a meeting with a Ouija Board are considerably exaggerated or simply made up surplus. Some of the stories which are known as are right that, a history, and nothing more. It is wise to remember that a Ouija Board is a wood panel with the letters painted or written on top, such as the street signs and the billboards with which are certainly not the tools to contact deaths, there is nothing with really being afraid of. There is no obviousness to prove that the Ouija Boards are in some dangerous way or something in particular more than one simple piece of wood with the inscription on top.

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