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Spells and Rituals For Passion

Passion Spells: Black Magic Spells for Love

Passion spells are Black Magic Spells used as free, easy, magic love spells to enrich relationships by rekindling the magic. A passion or love spell can also be called a lust spell or romantic spell. They can be employed as a stop cheating spell or a marry me spell.They are intended for ADULTS ONLY. These spells are provided as CURIOS ONLY for personal entertainment purposes.

To cause passion-

You will need:

-Spring water
-A clear water glass
-An item of jewelry decorated with a diamond
-A fresh drink (soft drink, tea, coffee, fruit juice, etc)


Place the piece of jewelry in the glass containing spring water.

Every day, for three days, expose this glass to the rays of the sun for 10-15 minutes, maximum.

At the end of the three days the water will be "charged". Remove the piece of jewelry from the water and mix the "charged" water with a fresh drink which you will serve to the person you want to become impassioned for you.

Passion Spells

To cause passion-

You will need:

-Some hair from the other person
-Some of your own hair
-Two small fabric hearts
-Dried Vervain
-A needle


Lay the fabric hearts out flat. On each of them, sprinkle some of the dried Vervain.

On one of the hearts, place some of the other person's hair. On the other heart, place some of your hair.

Fold each of the hearts into a small packet.

Press them together and pierce them with the needle.

Bury them at the foot of an oak, on the night of a full moon.

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