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Protection Spells and Magick Rituals

Powerful magic spells, rituals, and incantations, and conjurations for protection from evil and danger. These spells are designed for casting by experienced practitioners of Witchcraft, Wicca, and practicing adherents the magickal branches of the Pagan Path, but can be worked by the persistent and patient neophyte alike.

Protection Spell Uses

Protection spells are useful for the warding off of evil and unwanted presences and psychic attacks. They can also be employed for cleansing, removing, or breaking existing hexes, black magic spells cast for harm, and jinxes. As always, it is important that you know what you are fighting and that you use common sense and an ethical approach when selecting a spell or incantaion to combat it.

Protection Spell Ritual To Receive The Protection Of The Moon:

Place a jewel, that you regularly carry on you, in a cup of spring water a day before the full moon. The following day, on the evening of full moon, stir the water three times with your finger in a clockwise motion. Take the cup in your hands and in a clockwise, stirring motion, move the cup in a clockwise, circular, stirring motion three times.

Then, repeat these words aloud:


Raise the cup towards the sky and drink the water. Remove the jewel from the cup. You must carry it on your person to the next full moon in order to ensure your protection.

Repeat this ritual every month to benefit from its influence.

A Spell of Protection:

You will need a small, black, cotton pouch or sachet-preferably with a drawstring tie. On a Saturday evening, during the waning moon, you should draw a pentagram in black ink (India ink works best) on a small piece of parchment. Roll the parchment and place it in the bag.

Next, you should place in the pouch the following ingredients:

a small clear crystal
a full pinch of sage
a full pinch of wormwood
a small piece of lead (a lead fishing sinker will work)
a strand of your hair

Tie the bag using three knots. Carry the bag with you for protection.

Protection Spell Against Night Terrors:

Now and again almost everyone is woken suddenly from nameless, faceless night terrors. For some, the problem can be more frequent and severe and they may need to seek professional help. But for most, the following spell can be of great assistance in alleviating the frequency of occurrence and the severity.

Sit on the edge of your bed with your feet dangling from the side or better yet, firmly planted on the floor. Light a Frankincense incense or warm some Frankincense oil for its claming effects. Relax. Try to breathe regularly and at a normal rate. Before attempting to go back to sleep, visualize the walls acting as a protective barrier and repeat the following incantation softly to yourself:

Haunting terrors of the night,
Be gone and let me be,
Till the dawning of the light,
Bright moon watch over me.

Extinguish the incense or any sources of heat of flame prior to retiring.

House Blessing: A Spell for Protection of Your Home

You will need:

Cast a circle in the main room and after casting, visualize the circle expanding to include the entire house. Call upon the spirits and energies living in the house (or apartment). Invite those who will be harmonious with the new household and its energies to remain. Invite/ask those who will be happier elsewhere to depart. Release all "energies" not compatible with the new household.

Note: This may be expressed as a "release" in order to unbind anything that may be stuck.

Then call upon, greet, and invite ancestors, patron deities, and all harmonious spirits and energies to dwell in the house as they please.

Gather up the pots, pans, and all the noise-makers. Go to each door and window, not forgetting the fire-place and dog-door, making as much racket as humanly possible--to drive out the unwanted.

Go again throughout the house and at each portal (door, window, etc.) sprinkle salt-water and incense, saying: "By the Elements I purify and charge this portal."

Then anoint the portal with milk and honey, saying: "By Milk and Honey I ensure prosperity and peace within this place."

Finally, anoint the portal with oil, saying: "With Oil I seal this portal and protect all within."

At the front door a special prayer is said, asking the guardian deities to freely grant entry to all friends and loved ones, and to prevent passage (turn aside) to any who would do harm."

Then, if it's a house--pour wine across the width of the threshold; if it's an apartment anoint the threshold with light touches of wine.

The house-holders then each take a sip of wine, leaving some as an offering to the Gods, and the Circle should be closed. The remaining wine, milk, and honey should be offered to the Gods which can be accomplished by pouring over the ground.

Three Red Leaves Protection Spell:

Autumn is the ideal time for this protection spell. Begin by gathering 3 red leaves from any plant, bush or tree. Lay the leaves on a flat surface to form a triangle. In the center of the triangle of leaves, place a lighted candle. On each leaf, place a few drops of chrysanthemum oil.

Speak aloud the following words three times:

Red leaves, gift from earth,
Birth to death and death to birth,
Keep all evil far away,
Day to night and night to day.

When you have spoken the words three times, extinguish the candle and wrap the leaves in a white cloth or place them in a white pouch. Place the packet under your mattress or near your bed within three feet of your head for protection against nightmares and invasions of evil.

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