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Psychic Spells

Sending and Receiving

Psychic Spells allow for inter environmental manipulation from a distance via telepathic occult-kine sis. Psychic Spells are unlike any other spells in that they have the ability to exert influence in a complete absence of intercommunication, interaction, and even relationship by employing the flows of universal life streams and supernatural intervention and action. Psychic spell casters, along with psychic vampires, readers, and dark masters and mistresses of deep mind spell practices all use psychic spells for actions and reactions within the telekinetic realm of influence by sending and receiving messages, means, and methods via the psychic spells pipeline.

The Power of Psychic Spells

Psychic Spells are supernatural based witchcraft spells, rarely employed by Wiccans, that are typically used by individuals and groups within the magic community that specialize in very specific avenues of spellcasting. Psychic spell casters are often members of secret covens and organizations that harness the tremendous power of psychic spells for high-level manipulation of socio-economic cabals for either personal or cooperative gain. Lone wolf practitioners of psychic spellcasting do exist, but normally on the upper-echelon fringe of the witchcraft community. Those lone wolf's are often communal outcasts, who have chosen to be non-participatory for one reason or another, but whose course of action threatens danger for the group. Lone wolf practitioners such as these, even though ostracized, still voluntarily maintain their vows of secrecy out of loyalty to The Craft and respect for its ancestral heritage.

Use Psychic Spells with Great Caution

Psychic spells are very powerful and very dangerous. Witch Legend claims the greatest catastrophes of magic — without exception — as direct results of incidents of misguided, misused, ill-intentioned, or abused applications of massively destructive initiations of psychic spells. For these reason, if no other, we urge all practitioners of all skill levels to use the greatest care and caution when dealing with psychic spells. All spells provided on this website and its affiliates, including linked information, are provided by this website as CURIOS ONLY, for entertainment purposes only, and are provided "as is" without warranty or guarantee, to be used at the risk of the user. In the case of psychic spells, this all goes double, including the disclaimer that we accept absolutely no responsibility for any action of any person for any reason and in any manner. Besides that, we wish you the best with your spellcasting endeavors, whatever they may entail, even psychic spells.

Psychic Spells:

Spell For Rid Mud Nasty Astral

Keep a stone or an object that you see and feel is appropriate and build all the unpleasant feeling of viscous ink and he chose the person inside. Really concentrate on leave all your emotions about this as well and let them sink into the rock. When you have done what he said: "I post this astral mud and darkness that is not mine, I lower everything that may have affected my brilliant aura of negativity is released and I feel happy" now shooting in stone water, preferably in the sun disappears over the horizon and be aware of their dim light you take away your bad feelings for that person. You can do this spell on the first night of the waning moon, after a full moon for seven nights, if you're contaminated. Instead of vinegar try a bouquet of fresh rosemary and 1 tablespoon of salt in your bath. Light a white candle and one blue. Imagine yourself surrounded by light blue, gives you positive energy. View all negative energies and astral mud, leaving your body through every pore.

Magic Inside Pocket Of Energy

Ingredients: Purple bag or resin incense dragon's blood, verbena or rosemary material ground ginger root High John oil, personal power or the dragon's blood oil 1 glass quartz candle purple personal talisman address: I recommend you bring your own fate and guidance for this because it is a very personal bag. Add the ingredients, or objects that are meaningful to you. One suggestion: try to sew on some small semi-precious stone chips or a personal symbol immersion.

You See Psychic Spell

First, what exactly is an aura? This is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things. You can see and feel, or smell. Auras can reveal a person's emotional well-being and fitness. There is no single method to see the aura; the method described below is my personal way. The first is the background. Some sources say that while reading an aura, it is preferable to have a very dark or black background, and the other to tell a white man. I tried both and found that for me the darker is much easier. Then the aura is generally higher around the head of a person, but you have another person to discuss this with their own work was good. Choose a point just beyond the hand and let your eye blurred, is very similar to the way you see the image of a "magic eye" for those of you who know what it is. This is the first layer of aura. Once you are able to see the white band, set your gaze a little beyond the media. Note this step is much harder to see, after a ton of practice which still can not see at all times. Each color has a meaning as shown below. RED: Energy, strength, courage Brick Red: Anger Deep Red: Crimson Sensuality: PINK Loyalty: The joy, optimism PINK: ORANGE self-love, joy, vitality, balance of mental and physical health YELLOW the wisdom, creativity, spiritual gray YELLOW: GREEN Fear: The wit, compassion, growth PALE GREEN: the healing power grayish green: Pessimism, envy BLUE: Spiritual, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual grayish blue: melancholy ICE BLUE: Intellectual PURPLE: Spiritual Power

Spell To Strengthen Your Psychic Shield

Place the pot in the center with a red candle on the right side, a black candle on the left and a white candle in the back, but has not yet. Sprinkle a mixture of equal parts of larger flowers, oregano, mint and rue in a continuous circle around the cauldron. Set the sealed bottle into the pot and leave until the full moon. In the middle of the moonless night, taking a bath and cleaned with a white dress. Bring a good protection or purification incense through every room in the house. Make sure that the drift of smoke in cabinets. Take the dagger or sword. To greet this way, only keep the tip of the sword up in front of you. Say: "By the power of the rising sun, all the evil in my life is over. Turn to the south, commends, and saying: blackout at night, my shield is strong, my armor set. Turn north, greet, say, in full moon in the dark sky, I am not alone. My help is at hand. Begonia and four dirty minds are allowed here. I mean, I I'm not afraid. I'm free. You have power over me. Before the altar and take the vial of oil. Put a drop of oil on the fingers and to anoint the forehead, heart, solar plexus, wrists and ankles. When you do, visualize a bright blue suit of armor in your body slowly until you are fully protected. Thanks to the Powers for their help and extinguish the candles. Apply oil and repeat songs when I feel l 'armor is being lost.

Third Eye Rite To Improve Psychic

Nonagon performs this ritual to increase psychic power, three days before the full moon, and preferably when it is either the astrological sign of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Begin to make a magic strong tea from yarrow or mugwort herb to stimulate the psychic senses and light purple colored votive thirteen candles to help attract psychic influences. Drinking tea and then watch the magic mirror, crystal ball or crystal pyramid three times sing an incantation: I call on you, like Arial Archangel of Neptune and the powers of the Governor clairvoyance. I ask you now to open my third eye and show me the hidden light let me see the future. Let me see the past. Let me perceive the divine realms of the unknown. Let me understand the wisdom of the universe powerful. Amen! After singing, relax, breathe slowly and focus on opening your third eye. Do not allow any negative thought to contaminate your mind. The Third Eye, an invisible chakra located in the center of the forehead above the space between the eyebrows, is the largest source of power of the human body, the vision and super-vision of light.

Spell Know The Truth

Reflecting on the subject you want to know the truth. It can be any color that you feel represents you. And this ensures that I am obliged to represent. It's like me in all things. Light 2 white candles and say: "These are the symbols of truth. It is ordered in your name and show the whole truth" and then say: As Rove night 'cross the moor naked Brown, in light of the moon light saw a castle fair, Ladies and Gentlemen large and small, where a crowd "which was a festival, the grass in the wind was moving. I say welcome and I went to drink their wine within my heart. Dancing and laughing with the ladies. Never in my life had that so dear; grass in the wind was moving. Then suddenly a cry was heard: Hero of Yare! I fell asleep, while a dancer next to me looked like a lizard to escape; grass in the wind was moving. I woke up in the morning light, in an ancient ruin, or that Lay, Auger the rock under the sun; I saw a race or a green lizard! Grass in the wind was moving. Now the I know and really stayed with me, because I saw what I did see, know secrets came to mind, focused on the laughter of the other species, grasses in the wind was moving. Sit in quiet contemplation for half an hour. During that period will be the truth of the matter come to you?

A Lot Of Prophetic Dreams

Make sure all fires have gone on things before crossing into sleep. Sprinkle some Jasmine on his pillow, and turn the dream of a newspaper or similar to his bedside to record your dreams and make a cup of sage tea. NOTE: mugwort is unhealthy in large doses, so go easy, and consult a reference book of herbal, if you're worried. Blue light candles on your altar. If you want a glimpse of your passions or your loves, burn Damon too. Watch the smoke as it coils and let you go in the trance state that spends most of the day to avoid. Say what comes to mind, appealing to the god or goddess of your choice to guide your dreams. I usually say something like: Blessed are the Lord and Lady, as they have created the world, to celebrate the earth, hot sun, the moon to guide the spirit to dream. Sip tea wormwood to repeat words, look through the smoke, and when you feel almost "crossing the line to blow out the candles and say," Amen. "Go to sleep. Dream away. Remember that not always hear what they want.

Psychic Protection Spell

Better to find a work area allows you to leave untouched for 3 days. If you store your tools, try out the charming outdoor candle. Prepare your work area by creating more tools you can use your candle spells. Black love or protection incense recommended. When setting up your area, concentrate on the objective of the work. Take a bath or wash the car. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind. Pass your workspace. Take the Circle, light the incense. Imagine a ball, the big white light around you, your workspace and home. Hold the candle between the palms of your hands and direct all the positive energy in it. Place before lighting the candle and say: "This candle represents protection for me in all things." Light the candle and say: "As the light of this flame grows, I feel the light and positive energy around me. This candle burns around me is blessed with light and love. I have been blessed by the light and love. The negative energy is prohibited. "Sit back and enjoy the candle burning. Keep the screen of the white ball of light and protection around him. Imagine your blessing be more than you and protect you from evil. When the candle burned 1/3 of the raid, said: "As the flame of the candle goes out ... The evil, negativity and harm me is forbidden! Any entity, ghost or spirit who accidentally enters the light and transmits the spirit world, do not be afraid to wait longer than that out there that you like and love. Shut the candle. But do not blow out! Repeat for 2 nights. Renouncing or discard left over wax.

Spelling For The Pesky

That's when you get the green light disappeared. In fact, it should stay green long enough for you to get through it. Count one hand, this explains started the count of two, all fires in the air, the count of three, all lights are green for me to get into the head three times and say, Amen

Attack Spell For Psychic

People who "suck" the energy of the others are called "psychic vampires". Egg occurs when your energy is depleted and must be replenished so that he or she "sucks" the energy of another person. It is not unusual for a person who is ill or perceived lack of emotional tension to draw or individuals drain their life force. These "dumb" are not bad people, most of them are not aware on a conscious level that they do what they do. However, their actions without knowing it can interfere with someone who leaves an energetic opening for this type of theft. It is important to be aware that we may be able to have robbed us of our energies and learn to protect ourselves. Damage to a psychic attack is that no fair exchange of energy and therefore one feel depleted while the other is converted into energy.

Symptoms Of Psychic Attack

Leaks or dizziness decrease the loss of energy in muscle tension headaches, mental confusion, chronic fatigue sleep disturbances irritability, depression, and physical disease starts to look the other person or to receive your wishes and desires on a regular basis.

Traits Of A Psychic Vampire

Experiences feelings of abandonment or rejection must be constant tranquility is never satisfied for food insecurity, low energy tired low self esteem in general, overweight and underweight.

Ritual Magic Of The Unit

Located in a dark place at any position is most comfortable for you. Visualize the darkness surrounding you glowing with a soft golden light. As you inhale deeply, breathe the light in you and cleaned her. See the light to remove all impurities and disturbances. See problems and imbalances as a sickly green light. As you exhale, this light coming out of your mouth, taking with her all the bad things. Do this until the light coming from his mouth is gold only. All the green is gone. Now, as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, visualize yourself descending a staircase. With each step you take, feel your consciousness spread a little more. When you feel like you are in harmony with their surroundings, get to the bottom of the stairs. Staggered along the hall are doors. Behind each door is a different peaceful scene. If you want peace, an open door to a scene of peace. If you do a love ritual, open another door. Behind him, you feel the love you receive from your destination. Of wealth, visualize you making money in what ever way they come. When ready, walk slowly down the stairs. You will feel your consciousness returning to normal as it moves more. You wake up feeling refreshed and confident.

Self Hypnosis

Here is a simple three-step self-hypnosis. First stage of technical presages when going to sleep tonight and over the next seven days, just before you're ready to sleep, be ten times the following suggestion: "Every day in every way, I am better and better, while the suggestion that you say, can you imagine in any way, better and better. In order not to fall asleep or lose your account try applying pressure with the tip of each finger of his right hand. Then move your left hand until you have completed the suggestion of ten times. This may be your first attempt at learning to program effectively him for the suggestion. It is very important for this exercise each night without falling asleep before completing ten repetitions. You begin to establish a pattern of good programming habit itself through positive suggestions before going to sleep. The next day you find you are reacting very positively to this suggestion. Second phase induction continue to make the first stage, pre-technique he learned last week. In addition, you must do the following: twice a day once in the morning or at noon, and once in the afternoon, you hypnotize hypnosis to stay for two or three minutes, and then you wake up. Here's how: * sitting in a comfortable chair, backwards. * Bring your attention to something effortlessly in front of you, slightly above eye level. * Take three deep breaths slowly. As you inhale the third cut, which affects three seconds during the track and count backwards, three ... two ... A Close your eyes, breathe, relax and let yourself go into a deep rest and sound, hypnotic. You must remain in hypnosis for about two to three minutes in the countdown slowly twenty-five to one. Note: It will help if you can visualize or imagine each number is written on a blackboard or a computer countdown. To awaken simply have to move from one to three and wake up refreshed and ready to go out of business vigorously. Do this exercise twice a day for seven days, after which you'll be ready to give useful suggestions. Third step suggestion scheduled the third stage of hypnosis is to be started a week after completing the exercises in step 1 and step two. Once you start with step three, has more to do in two steps. In the third step, you need a 3x5 card or a card; you can easily carry with you at all times. You should write a suggestion that you have prepared that meet the criteria to be positive, simple, credible, and measurable, and should lead to a reward. Always include your proposal in the present. Once again, sit down and choose a location in front of you, slightly above eye level. Hold the card in front of the site and read the suggestion that three times yourself. Make sure the words on the card are credible to you and you can imagine the fulfillment of what is written on the card. Use your imagination. Exhale.


Another exercise to try is placing your hands gently on the intention to activate the personal chi or ask for spiritual energy and allow it to expand and develop to move their hands as well, you could try the smell, but I learned with these. You can use a pumping motion to increase awareness and develop their energy. You can get by universal Chi in your environment. You can run a neighborhood like the smell in space or to create a ball in his hands and use it as a means of healing many different subtle touch systems many general spiritual healers use energy balls. Place the ball of energy in front of you. Move your hand across the surface, including the area where the ball is and when it is not. Feel the difference? Can you feel when the ball is? You can heat, cold, tingling, denser, etc. You can mix with a person who accepts or a pet with him and see if you can feel. Some animals will undoubtedly react to the ball of energy. People can not say if they felt something. Have them close their eyes and see if they feel when touched. Close your eyes and try to feel. Try the snowball ball or smaller size. Take a ball of energy that you have done, and push the ball in your heart chakra. Press against your skin and see how it feels. There are other ways to work with energy balls. You can use to start sending away or to smooth the aura at the end of treatment. You can comb the aura of one or use energy balls as a means to provide the healing that I had always thought that the ball of energy and dispatch, for compensation bullets that things were different I create a ball of energy healing hands and can send to others with the intention or the place for delegation in the process of distant healing. Others are the balls outside the body and energetic. It can be seen to "see" events or information to divination and tears, or used to send an affirmation or to fill the screen event. Can be sent to recover the lost energy of its own and that can be filled with the fear of your anger or pain etc. Then charged with light/energy to dissolve and transform negative energy. The energy balls can be a useful way to develop their awareness of energy.

Spell To Dream Of The Future

Dream divination is the power to see into the future and enhance clairvoyance through dreaming. To provide an event in the future through a dream, try this powerful dream ritual. Decide what about your dreams/prophetic psychic will be on: Do you mean this or someone else? What is the topic you need information? How close or far future, see? Do you have a specific question, or just a general topic? How to respond to a question from a guide, symbols, emotions, etc? Once you are sure you know exactly what the prophetic dream should be able, you can group your items and prepare its work. Distribute a square of pale blue cloth. Amid the scene of a mixture of ash leaves, bay leaves, cinquefoil, heliotrope, holly, jasmine flowers, marigold flowers, mimosa, mugwort, onion, and/or yarrow, however, you can find. Bring the corners towards the center and tie it all together, like a small bag with rope, tape or a piece of wire. Then, in a piece of paper, briefly explain what we see in dreams, using the guide above to tell the main ideas or questions you have about the prophecies. Place the bag of herbs and notes under his pillow, and be sure to record their dreams in a notebook or journal as soon as you wake up, if not forget. Use what you learn to prepare for the future.

Psychic Spell

Fill a pocket or a small purple cloth that is wrapped in herbs and tie with herbs that can include: acacia, honeysuckle, mint, rosemary, thyme, yarrow, wormwood, dandelion teeth Lavender Lilac Marigold dust gather the edges and attach the canvas a rope around if you use a cloth, or if you use a small purple bag, tie it closed. Carrier bags work best. Use a dark purple marker; draw an eye in the front of the bag. Rub the bag on the front of the third eye chakra whenever they need or psychic divination, and sleep with it under my pillow every night.

Spell To Improve Memory Or Concentration

Start a Thursday, perform for nine consecutive days. Light a yellow candle and concentrate for a moment in their yellow appearance. So, for example, five times. "O gay yellow enter my mind Improve my memory Give me a great capacity for observation. Can I remember everything you try to remember that my focus is perfect in all things great and small."

Practical Magic Spray Cloud

It works best on a full moon, but can be done at any time. This is good for improving psychic ability. You'll be surprised how easy it is. One day, when the sky is blue for a cloud disappears, this is what you do. Choose a cloud of any size. Stare takes a minute. Then close your eyes open and you will see that you have chosen the cloud began to relax. Concentrate your energy sending breathe in the cloud, do not fix it. Soon, you will do and your clouds will be gone.

Vision Spell

If you want a real vision, then configure this infusion witch years. Combine oil, the sacred drink, loaded with energy and devotion, full of dust, rosemary, cloves, wormwood, lavender, jasmine and rose. Add incense even to inflame the mind, the mystic flame. Managua with incense and anointing oil trimmed of mortal effort. Singing this song to begin its mission as a trigger for the vision and depth perception, light and mystical meditation, trance or conscious of my eyes see the other side I thought. Now sit in thought, in meditation, lost in the mind, concentration, waiting for the vision that would come to you in an hour.

Talent Order Switch

A white candle a glass bowl or cup of pieces of green and white paper and a pen or pencil should be organic. That is, contains carbon sites of the things on a coffee table or something similar for you to feel directly in front of his friend. Write your name on a piece of white paper and get your friends to do the same. Place two pieces of paper contiguously in the glass bowl and candle light. Rub your finger/s in the pen for you to get an edge on the finger/s, and get your friends to do the same. Print your fingerprints on the Green Paper as a friend to Ehud two fingerprints are connected in the Green Paper of the next song, accompanied by his friend three times and fold the paper in half as the two of you May. "What's mine is yours, that yours are mine also? Let our talents go far. As I send my mind bring me his precious gifts I forbid only harm. I do not understand your ham. Like me, he will. What can shine for all? "When you have at the end of the third song, his paper should have been dubbed a stick. Put through the candle flame, both of you should be holding the sheet of paper and place the glass bowl, and watch it burn. Imagine a white light to change both.

Spell Communicate With An Absent Partner

You will need: pink candle picture of your partner or friend or lens crystal ball in the first place, light a pink candle. Now, take a picture that clearly shows your partner's face, her eyes. You can search more deeply into the eyes and beyond in mind, placing a crystal ball or a magnifying glass over the image. Speak directly to the photo or object you have chosen to magnify with. The eyes, mouth and facial features of the image moves so it seems that you speak directly, face to face with the person you are trying to contact. At this stage you have connected. Tell the person what they want, or ask a question. The answer will come to you telepathically. Blow out the candles and wave the photo through the smoke from north to south and from west to east. Back to picture where you normally keep.

Assorted Magic Spells