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Rare Celtic Symbols - Meanings and Mysteries - Part 1

Celtic Female Hierophant Rare Celtic Symbols from original 15th century plates embody the mysteries of the Celts and their Druid priests. These rare symbols of the ancient Celts are accompanied by texts of the mysteries of the Celts and Druids from the three classes of the Bardic Order: the Druids, Beirdd Braint or privileged Bards and Ovates. The rare and old Celtic images provided in the following pages are accurate and color enhanced reproductions of originals as contained in historical documents. Most of the images on these pages are highly stylized renderings of characters from the Celtic alphabet. They are provided for the enjoyment and education of our visitors, but most importantly as links to the magical heritage of our world.

Ancient Celtic Philosophy

Ancient philosophers believed that no one could live intelligently who did not have a thorough understanding of nature and its laws. One needs to understand that the mysteries were dedicated to teaching people the implementation of divine law in the secular sector. Few early cults actually worshiped anthropomorphic deities, although their symbolism might lead one to believe it so. They were more than a moralist religious philosophical than theological. They taught humans to use their faculties more intelligently, show patience in adversity, to be brave when faced with danger, remain true in the middle of the temptation, and above all, to seek a decent life through acceptable sacrifice to God(s).

The original inhabitants of Great Britain and primitive, at some remote period of revived and reformed their national institutions. Their priest, or teacher, who until now had only Gwydd name, but it was considered that it has become necessary to divide this office of the national priest or higher, and for one whose impact on this should be limited. Henceforth, it was ex-Der Wydd (Druid), or an excellent teacher, and it Go-Wydd, or O-Vydd (oval), directed by subordinates, and both went to the general name Beirdd (poets), or teachers of wisdom. As the system matured and augmented, Bardic Order consisted of three classes, Druids, poets Beirdd Braint or privileged, and ovate.

At that time, the Roman conquests were mounted on either the Druids in Britain and Gaul. These people had an undeniable power, and there were cases in which armies, about to attack each other with swords sheathed when required to do so by druids dressed in white. Mysterious power and mystical magic of great importance was seldom dispersed without the help of these patriarchs, who were mediators between the gods and humans. Druidic Order is deservedly credited, which has had a profound knowledge of nature and its laws. Encyclopedia Britannica notes geography, physics, natural theology and astrology were their favorite studies. Druids had a fundamental knowledge of medicine, in particular the use of herbs. Crude surgical instruments have been found in England and Ireland. Contract initially odd British medical doctor who is expected to garden or backyard cultivation of certain herbs necessary to his profession.

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