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Rare Celtic Symbols - Meanings and Mysteries - Part 2

The following Rare 15th Century Celtic Symbols embody the mysteries of the Celts and their Druid priests. They are symbols of the ancient Celts accompanied by excerpts from texts concerned with cataloging the mysteries of the Celts and Druids. They are accurate color enhanced reproductions of originals as contained in historical documents and most are highly-stylized renderings of characters from the ancient Celtic alphabet. These symbols and sigils are provided not only for the pleasure and education of our visitors, but also — and most importantly — as links to the magical heritage of our world.

Ancient Celtic Philosophy

Rare Old Celtic Symbol ImageDruids were priests and physicians, curing are magnetism and fees amulets fluidic influence. Their universal remedies were mistletoe and serpent's eggs, because these substances attract astral light in a special way. Solemnity which mistletoe was cut from the plant is based on trust and made popular with magnetic force. Progress on the magnetism will one day reveal the absorbent properties of mistletoe. Then understand the secret of spongy tumors drew unused virtues of plants and by the additional costs through tinctures and flavors. Mushrooms, truffles, gall on trees, and a variety of mistletoe are employed with the understanding of medicine.

Druids were initiates of a secret school in between them. This school, which reminded the Bacchus and Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece or the Egyptian rites Isis and Osiris, is rightly named Druidic mysteries. It is much speculation about the secret wisdom that the Druids claimed. Their secret teachings are never written, but have indicated verbally, in particular prepared candidates. Some experts are of the opinion that the British priests secured their information sailors of Tyre and the Phoenicians, for thousands of years before the era established colonies in Britain and Gaul in search of tin. Maurice Thomas, in his Indian Antiquities, discourses at length about the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, and trips to the British Isles to apply for tin. Others believe that the mysteries of the Druids were celebrated as the Oriental origin of any Buddhist.

School Druids were divided into three different parts, and the secret teachings contained therein are almost identical to those mysteries and allegories Blue Lodge Masonry. Ali's three divisions are ovate (Ovate). This was the honorary doctorate, does not require any special cleaning or preparation. Ovate dressed in green, Druidic color of learning and was expected to know something about medicine, astronomy, poetry if possible, and sometimes music. Ovate was the person taken to Druidic General Excellence and an excellent knowledge of the problems of life.

Rare Old Celtic Symbol Image

Rare Old Celtic Symbol Image

Rare Old Celtic Symbol Image

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