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Rare Celtic Symbols - Meanings and Mysteries - Part 3

The following Rare 15th Century Celtic Symbols embody the mysteries of the Celts and their Druid priests. They are symbols of the ancient Celts accompanied by excerpts from texts concerned with cataloging the mysteries of the Celts and Druids. They are accurate color enhanced reproductions of originals as contained in historical documents and most are highly-stylized renderings of characters from the ancient Celtic alphabet. These symbols and sigils are provided not only for the pleasure and education of our visitors, but also — and most importantly — as links to the magical heritage of our world.

The Divisions of Druid Teachings

Druid PriestLike nearly all schools Mysteries, the teachings of the Druids were divided into two distinct parts. Simpler, a moral code taught to all people, but the deeper, esoteric doctrine was given only to initiate priests. Being admitted to the order, the applicant must be of good family and high morale. No important secrets, given to him before he had been tempted in many ways and his strength of character severely tried. Druids taught the people of Britain and Gaul, and the immortality of the soul. They believed in transmigration and apparently in reincarnation. They quote one life, promising to pay the next. They believed in a sort of purgatory where the hell they are cleansed of their sins, when you go to the happiness of unity with the gods.

Druids taught that all men be saved, but some must return to earth many times to learn a person's life and to overcome the inherent evil nature. Before the candidate was entrusted with the secret doctrines of Druids, who were tied to a promise of confidentiality. These lessons are taught only in deep forest and the darkness of the caves. In these places far from the haunts of men, called for the creation of a beginner on the personalities of the gods of the universe, the laws of nature, the secrets of occult medicine, the secrets of celestial bodies, the basics of magic and sorcery. Druids had a lot of holidays. New and full moon, and the sixth day they were sacred periods. It is believed that the initiation took place only two solstices and two Equinoxes. At dawn on 25 December birth of the Sun God was celebrated.

Rare Old Celtic Symbol Image

Rare Old Celtic Symbol Image

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