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Rare Celtic Symbols - Meanings and Mysteries - Part 5

The following Rare 15th Century Celtic Symbols embody the mysteries of the Celts and their Druid priests. They are symbols of the ancient Celts accompanied by excerpts from texts concerned with cataloging the mysteries of the Celts and Druids. They are accurate color enhanced reproductions of originals as contained in historical documents and most are highly-stylized renderings of characters from the ancient Celtic alphabet. These symbols and sigils are provided not only for the pleasure and education of our visitors, but also — and most importantly — as links to the magical heritage of our world.

The Divisions of Druid Teachings

Stonehenge Ground PlanBoth the cross and the serpent were sacred to the Druids, who made the cut in all branches of the former and oak tree and fastening one of the main frames in the form of a letter T. This oaken cross became a symbol of the superior deity. They also worshiped the sun, moon and stars. Moon received a special tribute. Caesar stated that Mercury was one of the most important gods and Gauls. Mercury is believed the Druids worshiped the brightness of the stone cube.

They also had great respect for nature spirits fairies, gnomes, mermaids and, creatures with forests and rivers, which had a lot on offer. His temples where sacred fire has remained generally are eminences and in dense forest oaks, and assumed various forms — circular, because the circle is a symbol of the universe, oval, that the reference to the World Egg, which is given according to tradition in many countries, the universe, or, as in others, our first parents, serpentine, as the snake was a symbol of Hu, Druidic Osiris, cross, cross, because the symbol of renewal, or wings, the movement represents the divine spirit. Their main gods were reducible to two - one man and one woman, a wonderful father and mother - Hu and Ceridwen is characterized by the same characteristics as those of Osiris and Isis, Bacchus and Ceres, or any other supreme god and goddess representing the two principles in the world.

There were three degrees Druidic Mysteries, but few passed them all. Candidate was buried in a coffin, symbolizing the death of the sun god. Supreme test, however, was sent to sea, open boat. Although through this test, many lost their lives. Taliesin, an ancient scholar who ran the mysteries, describes the beginning of a small boat Faber Pagan idolatry. Those few who passed the third grade, he says born again, and called for a secret and hidden truths which the Druid priests had preserved ancient. They were chosen to initiate these greats of the world's religious and political figures.

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