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Rare and Secret Magic Spell Books and Collections

Magic spells are employed in the practice of witchcraft, Wicca, and Wiccan magick. Black magic spells and white magic spells, while somewhat branded by their monikers, can be used for good or evil depending on the will and intent of the user. Love spells and lost love spells are perfect examples of spells that while usually classified as white magic spells can, and often employed for outcomes than can range from mischievous to harmful. Spelwerx does not condone the use of any spell, regardless of its classification, for any harmful or controlling effect. Spells, incantations, conjurations, talismans, potions, charms, hexes, rites, rituals or invocations, or any similar or related tool or practice, can be and are, regularly employed in the practice of witch craft, Wicca, and Wiccan magic. As true magic can, and often does, wield great power over beings, forces, and inanimate objects depending on the type of magic employed, it is paramount that the heart, mind, and intentions of the practitioner be pure, good, fair, and just. Please also remember that all texts, spells, rituals, and items on Spelwerx are intended as CURIOS ONLY. Spelwerx cannot nor does it make any claim or guarantee in regards to any supernatural or magical qualities for any product or spell.

Spell Books and Collections

Magick Spells, Witchcraft, and Wicca

The following collections of spells in their corresponding books and collections are either rare or hard to find. They are essentially collections of powerful magic spells from either unusual or lost sources. All of these collections contain serious spells which should be used carefully and judiciously. The user of these spells assumes all responsibility for the outcomes.

Rare and Secret Grimoires

The 21 Lost Spells of Domesius

The 21 Spells of Domesius

The 21 "lost spells" of Domesius. Powerful, "High Magic", mystery magick spells with an inclination toward the dark side. Recommended for experienced practitioners or the adventurous.

The Passion Spells of France

The Passion Spells of France

A collection of 20 passion spells from old France. Hot magic spells, translated into English. Great magick spells for lovers.

Potent Protection Spells

Potent Protection Spells

High Magic protection spells. 24 magick spells for warding-off and shielding against various dangers and intrusions. A collection from the Ancients and Moderns.

Ancient Conjurations and Invocations

Ancient Conjurations and Invocations

22 magic spells for contacting and communicating with the other side. These witchcraft spells are not recommended for the inexperienced or fearful. Use at your own risk.

Karanina's Book of Spells

Karanina's Book of Spells

A rare collection of 27 "Deep Magic" spells assembled by Karanina during her world search for the ultimate spells. Powerful magick spells recommended for experienced practitioners.

Witch Oils and Rituals Spell Book

The Original Book of Witch Oils, Spells & Rituals

A unique collection of 16 powerful black and white magic spells and witchcraft rituals based on and written in harmony with the magickal properties of witch's oils. Excellent resource for rapid familiarization with the various uses and strengths of oils and spells. Included in the 16 spells of this well-rounded assortment are two spells each for different oil formulas, covering a wide variety of interests and intents.
Spells and rituals can be cast or performed with or without oils.

Earth Based Power Spells

Earth-Based Power Spells

Earth-based Power Spells is a collection of magic spells based on an association with our natural habitat, Mother Earth. Every magic spell contained in this collection is designed to draw upon the supernatural powers contained within our home and direct or redirect their energies in such a way as to alter ourselves or our environment.

The Spells of Seven

The Spells of Seven

Today the Order of Seven operates much in the same way it did several thousand years ago. Their philosophy has expanded to some degree due to their public association but overall their basic tenets remain intact.

This is a collection of 21 of their most secretive spells. The spells in this book were assembled from both the "Ancients" and the "Moderns." They span thousands of years of magical thought, development, practice, and are, for the most part, unknown to all but a select few. They have been translated, adapted, and written in accordance with the universal rules of magic and witchcraft.

The Best of Spelwerx 2008

The Best of Spelwerx 2008

You can own a copy of this limited edition, special collection of rare magic spells today!

Back in 2003 we created a special edition, limited release collection of rare and secret spells from the archive vaults of Spelwerx's massive collection of unusual spells and incantations.

Available for just a short time then, our intention is to do the same thing now. For a limited and brief time, we are making this special collection of our most coveted spells available to the general public.

Once we pull it back, these spells will never be released in this format ever again.

PUBLIC NOTICE – May 1, 2017 – FOURTH NOTICE: Due to popular demand we will continue offering this Special Edition until the orders have subsided.

Thirty of our most obscure magic spells are included in this special limited edition collection.

Get yours today!

More Spell Books…

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard
Harry Potter, Green Man, Middle Ages, Tree of Life, Golden Dawn, Grey Council, Course Two, Wheel of the Year, Elven Chess, Lao Tzu, Philosopher's Stone, Roman Empire, Terry Pratchett, Milky Way, Summer Solstice, Lurking Bear, Native American, Red Man, Winter Solstice, Abby Willowroot, Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi, High Magick, North America, Spring Equinox.

A Witch's Grimoire: Create Your Own Book of Shadows
Materials Needed, Hare Moon, Theban Alphabet, Triple Goddess, Mead Moon, North Star. New moon esbat, full moon aspect, chakra deals, sacral chakra, attracting love, elemental air, elemental fire, elemental water, trance work, psychic awareness, magical work, root chakra, throat chakra.

Grimoire For The Green Witch: A Complete Book of Shadows
Wine of the Circle Casting, Elemental Air, Elemental Earth, Elemental Water, Elemental Fire, Great Lady, Lord of Shadows, Holly King, Oak King, Perform Ritual, Wild Hunt, Horned God, Waning Moon, Solar Cross, Suggested Times, Triple Goddess, Happy New Year, Hidden Face, Wheel of the Year, Waxing Moon, Great Lord, Green Witchcraft, Merry Solstice, Drawing Down the Moon.

Holland's Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences: A Ritual Handbook
For individuals who use spells, rituals, charms, and recipes as part of their spiritual path, correspondences are often an important part of magick. Author Eileen Holland, a Wiccan priestess and solitary eclectic witch, began noting correspondences when researching the ancient names of plants while living in Egypt. The information she included in her Book of Shadows was vast and she spent a decade transferring correspondences to her computer-all the while continuing research and adding more.

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires: The Classical Texts of Magick Deciphered
The first 125 pages or so are worth the entire book, even if one never means to take up grimoire magic. The history and development of the grimoires is a thread in Neopaganism, in Rosicrusianism and in the work of Golden Dawn-style magical orders. Leitch's analysis of the development of spirit-art in Europe - the sorcerer as urban shaman - is done very well. The chapter on the work of the priest in magic fills in holes that often gape in modern magical theory. Anyone involved in trying to build working modern magical forms out of the wisdom of previous millennia will profit from these sections.

Grimoire Of Lady Sheba
High Priestess, Magick Circle, Gracious Goddess, Full Moon, Horned God, Lady Sheba, Moon Goddess, Horned One, Mighty Ones, Great Mother, New Moon, Life Force, Eightfold Path, First Degree, Queen of Heaven, Red Goblin, Book of Shadows, Evoke Thy, Bless Thou, Magic Sword, Silver Money, Sympathetic Magick, Universal God Force, Altar Triangle, Assumes God.

Secrets of Magical Seals: A Modern Grimoire of Amulets, Charms, Symbols and Talismans
For those who wish to master the art of magical achievement, there are numerous occult aids which may be of value. Some of these tools are amulets, fetishes, charms, symbols, talismans. These are objects inscribed with a magic incantation or sign that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention or accidental resemblance - a visible sign of something invisible. They are worn or carried to avert harm, ward off misfortune, protect against danger, to bring good, insure fortunate events and attract love, luck, and favorable conditions. The seals herein are only the most popular or readily available talismans. The suggestions for uses have been modernized, shortened and simplified to suit the modern user.

The Grimoire of Armadel
This book can help you to understand spirit/demon evocation. Simple as that. This helps you to understand the principles of these beings and guides you to invoke their power to you. Short, but helpful, this is a must for the beginner-advanced magician, but also well-rounded for the non-denominational invocational magician or no matter what your preferences are, this book is still a must for your collection of texts and a great addition to your library of related matter.

The Magickal Pentacles of King Solomon with True Grimoire (Plus 44 seal on parchment)
THIS IS AN HISTORICALLY CORRECT OCCULT KIT CONTAINING MAGICKAL SEALS UTILIZED BY KING SOLOMON TO CONTACT SPIRITS, AS WELL AS A REPRINT OF HIS TRUE GRIMOIRE. Many occult would-be students of the occult arts are not happy merely reading of magickal rites and rituals, but wish to practice true metaphysics on their own. Serious occultists will at last be able to own the authentic seals or pentacles of King Solomon that for the first time have been printed on genuine parchment for use in rituals and spellcrafting. Included along with the pentacles is the l5l7 Edition of the Grimorium Verium or—TRUE GRIMOIRE—otherwise known as the Most Approved Keys of Solomon the Hebrew Rabbi with his most hidden secrets, both natural and supernatural. Solomon is known as one of the richest and wisest men who ever lived. God is said to have favored him because of his knowledge and understanding of universal and worldly matters. Here are the 44 true spirits identified, how to invoke them, how to dismiss the spirits and the rites, rituals and tools to utilize in practicing Solomon's brand of true magick!

Gothic Grimoire
Full Moon, Dying God, Midsummer's Eve, Nocturnal Witchcraft, Master of Mystique, Astral Manipulations, Mistress of Illusion, Northern Hemisphere. Nocturnal servant, nocturnal portal, godform assumption, projecting hand, dark ether, negative thoughtforms, emotional energy level, magick circle, vibratory state, little emotional energy, receiving hand, west altar, thank the deity, astral form, orange sphere, sex magick, silver sphere, west quarter, energy sphere.

Grimoire Of Shadows: Witchcraft, Paganism, & Magick
Old Ones, Horned God, Outer Court, Horned One, Aquarian Press, Grimoire of Shadows, Dion Fortune, Inner Court, Robert Graves, Llewellyn Publications, Great Ones, Small Circle, The Sign of the Pentagram, Magic Which, Samuel Weiser, God of the Forest, Healing Method, High Magic.

Witch's Grimoire of Ancient Omens, Portents, Talismans, Amulets, and Cha
Two leading authorities in the occult provide in A Witch's Grimoire, a revised, updated collection which examines the secret codes, symbols and charms which are the foundation of white magic. Individual chapters describe how these amulets and spells can relate to a positive daily life, and provide new charts and artwork in this new and highly recommended edition.

A Grimoire of Tarot Magic
This book is a tremendous addition to any occult library, providing a comprehensive list of every tarot card, all the while providing the more experienced practitioners with a guide to create their own tarot spells. Inside these pages you will find the basics of magic in creating sacred space, building your protective circle, using the moon's phases and the proper uses of stones and colors, all written in a manner that even the most inexperienced reader will understand.

The Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius III
This edition is as complete as is possible and represents the most reliable presentation of this famous grimoire ever published. Included are the sigils and illustrations known to be associated with this work as well as material related to Pope Honorius, such as the famous "Constitution of Pope Honorius" (given in both the original French & English). The Grimoire of Pope Honorius III has been diligently translated by Ms. Kim Ch'ien from the Old German. This edition includes an introduction by the translator, a biographical sketch of the life of Pope Honorius, a bibliographic prolegomenon by John Davis, a survey of antique editions of this grimoire and also a translation of the 15th century Ecclesiastic work "Conjurationes Demonum," translated from the Latin by Mr. Matthew Sullivan as an appendix.

The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals
The book presents both spells and rituals of deep reaching potency. If you are familiar with the underwriting patterns that govern the occult arts, it is salient that each spell and each ritual is a powerful, if sometimes generic, example of the "techniquespeak" of sorcery. The words and gestures will quickly affect the desired effects both within your personal subconscious, as well as very effectively reach deeply into your exterior local reality field and thereby precipitate action/change as per your intention.

Learning Ritual Magic: Fundamental Theory and Practice for the Solitary Apprentice
Tree of Life, Middle Pillar, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Qabalistic Cross, Four Worlds, Veil of the Sanctuary, Art of Memory, Perform the Tarot Divination, Tiphareth Hebrew, Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, Hod Hebrew, Malkuth Hebrew, Yesod Hebrew. Corresponding tarot trumps, daily recollection, magical journal, divination exercise, magical lodge, astrological correspondence, magical record, visualized body, invoking ritual, banishing ritual, day during the two weeks, magical training, high magic, tarot divination, basic symbolism, concrete consciousness, meditative work, discursive meditation, magical will, banishing pentagram, attention exercise, magical orders, magical study, lodge work, background awareness.

More Magic Spells

The following text is a guide with links to some of the oldest and most important magickal works, texts, and writings in existence. Most of the links will open in a new browser window to allow you to easily return to this page.