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Simple Love Spells

Simple Love Spells - These spells are fast and easy — simple love spells that really work to get the love you desire — right away — today! These love spells are so easy to cast, you'll be amazed! Simple spells can be cast easily and quickly — to get the love you want, today!

Simple Love Spell Knot Ritual

Get a long cord and nine seeds, nuts, pieces of bark, or dried flowers or herbs. Tie 9 knots. Tie each knot with a piece of bark, nuts, herbs or anything on it. Take it out and say: "ladder of nodes that the number nine, I could fashion you sign me you will be mine. This is my will!" Hang it up or wrap it around a candle.

Simple Wish Love Spell

Laurel leaf has powerful magical properties and used to give preferences. You need 3 bay leaves to perform these simple but effective, like magic. When the moon is new, you write a piece of paper. Now visualize your wish coming true. Fold the paper into thirds and place 3 bay leaves inside. Again, visualize your wish coming true. Now fold the paper into thirds again and store them away in a dark place. Keep visualizing your wish come true to do it. If you are assigned, the paper must be burned as a thank you.

Love Pouch Spell - Easy Cast

You will need: A Purple bag or cloth Vervain Dragon's blood resin incense Rosemary ground and ginger High John oil, personal power oil or blood Dragon's 1 clear quartz crystal A personal talisman Purple Light Directions: I suggest making your own directions and working for one because it is a very personal bag. Add ingredients or something that has meaning for you. A suggestion: Try to sew some small semi-precious stone chips or stitched personal symbols.

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