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Skull Magic - Skull Candle Magic

skull pentagramIn fact, a skull witch could practice no more than a candle. A candle is an autonomous system of magic, whether the element of fire, it also contains three other key elements of the skull, Magic: The earth is represented by the unburned candle wax, air is the smoke, fire and water fire melted the wax. This creates Akasha, or spirit. For most spells, but should have a skull, a witch or two altar candles in white, cream or natural wax. A single central candle for times of quiet meditation can be good, but more focused rituals witch skull may prefer to light a candle, put the skull on the right spirit, and another on the polarization Spirit skull on the left side of the altar.

Tools and raw materials that witches wanted to use the skull, such as salt - which represents the earth in the north, can be assigned mainly on four sides and all the symbols between and in front of them.

This will be the first candle in each ritual, either before or immediately after casting a circle. I prefer the first to avoid a beginning and an intensification of the skull and Magic, an empty circle casting light mark, but there are no fixed rules.

There is some debate about whether a witch or witch skull taken from a candle, skull will not bite burn completely removed. The act of blowing a candle itself is a magical release of energy, instead of holding the light to a quencher, a witch skull can be sent to all who need them. This is an excellent way to release and directing force at the end of a ritual.

When a witch, skull candles, buys two or three wicks, a new one can be lit each day in a ritual of three days. Other candles may need up to seven tow, when a witch skull a lot of power, a witch, skull, can all the wicks during a ritual light. Candles differ significantly in their burning times - the best quality products can report the number of hours, but with practice, when a witch skull can always use the same kind of candles, a witch, skull, to assess, take as much.

Then a witch skull may be chosen that fits the occasion - whether it is up to the end of the evening at dusk, or a ritual that is up to 12 hours for a night guard candle burned, for example, on one of the solstices.

Professionals strict Skull Ritual Magic say that a witch skull should never use a lit candle, is a ritual or other purposes and should not be used in this paper for lighting of households. However, because the candles are so expensive and a witch skull Magic performance will be positive, there is no reason why the candle ceremony, adapted for everyday use. Candles of harmony and healing spells in quiet areas of the apartment are used, and candles for energy and success working in fields or study.

Should be left on the other side, skull candles, Magic, burn and bury the rest of the wax removed, or used candles to be placed in an environmentally friendly manner. A witch skull, if they so wish, witch head, place the wax to remove a metal plate with a symbol of what a witch skull would like to remove from your life engraved and to bury them.

For both magic and ritual magic wax skulls for informal and meditations, a witch skull will need a supply of candles in a variety of colors. I want to list here astrological concepts, the concepts of magical colors and elemental correspondences, so even if a witch is in Skull Magic new witch can immediately start working. When a witch skull is an experienced practitioner, some of the ideas may suggest new avenues for personal and coven work.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: