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Skull Magic - Circle for Spells and Rituals

skull pentagramAll skull spells and rituals, however formal or informal, are founded on a magic skull circle. This can be large enough to concentrate for a whole team of professionals, or it may be small enough to fit in your own skull table. I sit specialists, known only a small area in one cycle in a table top and overlooking the north, outside of course, but spiritual means, manipulation of symbols in itself. I also know that to create the modern witch immediate circle of paper or even on a computer screen.

If you have room, keep a skull magic circle marked with stones in a corner of your garden or on the floor of a room with a large rug covered with paint. Lofts are especially good because you are closer to the sky. If you are in a position to a special place in your cycle, proliferation or maintain it dried lavender incense before each use and wiping in a circle opposite direction of the sun to remove negativity.

Regardless of their shape or size of the circle, mark the four directions in it. In places the index, you stones, lines on the floor, four glasses of wires hanging out of four walls and candles on the corresponding elementary colors.

Once you know your instructions, you can draw your circle, from the north, although some lawyers to start in the east, and enters the SO Draw your circle in a coup. You can sing, as you go.

If you want to work in a team or if this is a cycle for a solemn ceremony, you can add, mind Skull / Skull-Spirit energy as scattered songs, the voices of the group vanishes and the rise of the waves. You can use the Spirit Guides and Guardian of the four watchtowers at the four corners as cast welcomes your circle. The Spirit Guides are available for the celestial beings, the cosmology of the three great religions of the Western world: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Alternatively, you can ask powerful forms of mind Skull:

Isis, Ishtar, Meriden, Inane, Shakhty, Yoruba, Danu, Kali and amines, protect, strengthen and inspire this magical effort.

You can decorate the casting ceremony, as you want; you plan to use the skulls of the four cardinal airs, and the combination with the lighting of the four elemental candles.

Added some companies, such as a circle and then on the other team members are welcome to enter, closing a circle with a diagonal up and down movement of the hand cut power to write one, or a wand or Athame. An Athame is a short, double-edged knife used in official ceremonies. It represents Air and the eastern part of the cycle.

And training can be used to conduct operations in a magical symbol. But I think it is much stronger when a person walks around the outside of a circle of people, by the light. In this way, the circle created by human dimensions and is both large and small, as the actual compilation. The circle that fits into the team is much better than magic group match in the round, the group of the circle.

If you visualize a circle, use clear quartz or pointed stick or your finger strength, and prepare a statement in the air at chest level or on the floor. The circle expanded, where you can learn from the ground up over his head like a wall of light. Again, starting in the north, and continue in an uninterrupted, circular movements.

Remember, the circle created by his own power strengthened, if the Holy Guardian or desired powers can be asserted. Therefore, creating a lightweight body and therefore get energy from the ground before casting the circle is a powerful being.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: