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Skull Magic - Skull Magic Candle Ritual

skull pentagramThis is a ritual for a fresh start after the grief and loss. You can perform this ritual for yourself or someone you know that grief or unsatisfied after betrayal. They are treated, especially when you feel angry about unfair or cruel treatment, it is at fault, guilt or regret for his own nose none stop and slow down the healing process. You should repeat the experience several times. This is essentially a private ritual, but if you do it for someone else, then I would like to invite you to share experiences.

The best time to use this skull Magic is the end-of-moon is reduced in late the night before the moon has risen.

Take two young black candles and put them side by side at the head table in a metal tray or sand-filled, heat-resistant bowl.

In a candle to represent etch a symbol or a word of sorrow or anger at about one third of the way to the candle. Like you, you can send all the negative feelings in wax.

The Candle and say:

Burn, burn,
Woe again
No Stay.

Go in peace,
Problem set.

Burn pieces of black wool, cut from a large ball with a knife, scissors, name of every aspect of your grief and watching the burn, bit by bit.

When finished naming the pain, sitting quietly in the candlelight, seeing the negativity of the sewage flow of the black candle. Make positive plans for the future and write a list of daily activities and short breaks from work, to make you happy. Even if these are necessarily very small, the cumulative effects of a series of small pleasures may change the balance in your life for the better once a lunar cycle over.

If the symbol melted away, use a candle, the flame burned the candle to have very fresh. This is important for new approaches do not come from nowhere but from the conversion of energy into positive ends.

Once the new candle is lit to blow up the old wax and dispose of them.

Sit for a few minutes and examined the flame of the candle to let your thoughts and images that appear either at the flame, or your spiritual vision.

Carry out the candle carefully into the bathroom and your bath water a few drops of essential oil of rose or lavender for selfishness and let the light make a basin of water. Lie in the bath until it fits well.

If you feel completely relaxed, nodding from the bathroom and the water plunges the plug-hole and said:

Flow much
Flowing freely
River in peace and harmony.

Spend the rest of the evening in a quiet but pleasant activity until the candle burned, down.

Finally, etch in wax, a new symbol of hope and keep it in your special place.

If the problem is really deep, you can repeat the ritual every month.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: