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Skull Magic - The Focus

skull pentagramFocus defines the purpose of this ritual or spell, and is usually represented by a symbol or a letter of intent. This could take the form of a candle with the name engraved or zodiacal glyph of a desired lover, a small silver key charm, or an actual key in a spell to find a new home, an image of an ideal holiday destination and so on.

In a sense, begins this part of the spell before the actual ritual purpose, and includes verbalize. How do you define a word or symbol, you can recognize what you look really go beyond the immediate goal. Spending time at this stage is crucial as it is, we tend to get what we demand, we must be careful, because that would truly fulfill our potential, rather than what we think we must now ask.

If you work alone, keep the icon in pronouncing words that summarized the purpose of Magic Skull. You may be surprised to discover that your mind as he speaks, orders for what you really need or want - and then you realize it could be any other way.

If you work in a group, a letter of intent created by the group together before the ritual is a good way to focus energy. After the first circle is cast, the logo may be transferred, while the person leading the ritual to speak the intention. Otherwise, anyone can add their particular interpretation, while you work the symbol and the statement in the context of ritual. Others consider the symbol, the view in your own hands; it provides the transition to the next stage of the ritual.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: