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Skull Magic - The Four Elements

skull pentagramIt is important to remember the use of elements of the rituals. Magic in the skull, there are four elements - earth, air, fire and water. They contain all the symbolic qualities and powers, all the energy used in rituals. Each element controls one quarter of the magic circle in the circle.

Earth in the north, is stability, security and strength of the ancient stone circles, castle walls, high cliffs and peaks. It is also assigned to the hour of midnight and winter. The salt is often used to represent Earth in spells and rituals.

Air in the east, action, cool, and force for change, the wind is blowing across the plains, large, cloudless sky extends continuously, storms and tornadoes stirring stagnation, but also includes the destruction of the old. The air is also associated with the dawn and spring. Incense is often used to represent the air in spells and rituals.

Fire in the South, which is mercury, the energy source of inspiration and the clear light of the sun, by lightning. It is the hearth fire that warms, fire ritual that cleanses the forest fire that sweeps away everything. It represents the power of the sun and the light at noon and in the summer. Candles are used to represent fire.

Finally, in the west is water that falls as rain refreshing that the tides ebb and flow of the river is always a way, away always moving, never backwards. The water is associated with autumn and sunset. It represents significant change, the emotions of human life-cycles and the ebb and flow of personal energy. The water is used to represent their elements.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: