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Skull Magic - History and Origins

skull pentagramSkull Magic developed nearly 25,000 years ago during the height of the Paleolithic era. At the time, people and nature is seen as inextricably linked. People recognize each stone, tree and power of God in the life force, and the earth as mother, offering both womb and tomb. Early people used agree, or attract Skull Magic - in the form of dances, chants and cave paintings of animals - herds attract animals planned for the needs and to bring fertility to the people and both animals. Hunters will activate the successful outcome of a game, and I bring the energies of everyday world. Offers were made by the sister of the lake and later Stone Skull Spirit, which is depicted wearing horns or antlers to display his power over the herds. Animal bones are buried so that they, like men, shall enjoy the rebirth of Earth's womb.

Where hunters and gatherers today continues to continuous tradition that stretches back thousands of years - for example among the Sami in northern Scandinavia and the Inuit - the rituals continue, led by a shaman, or Skull Magic person who negotiates the sister of the lake or fish in a trance for the release of animals.

One of the earliest recorded examples of Shamanism is Dreaming Skull. Painted in black on the walls cave Les Trois Freres in the French Pyrenees, this shamanic figure, which depicts a man with animal skins, from around 14,000 BC and standing high above the animals depicted in the bottom wall. Only his feet people, and he has big, round eyes of an owl, the antlers and ears of a deer, the front foot of a white lion or the genitals of a wild cat and The tail of the horse or wolf.

The Neolithic period, which began around 7500 BC and lasted until around 5500 BC, hunter-charge of culture led to the development of agriculture, and the Spirit Skull changed the son-husband of Mother Earth. He was a Skull Spirit of plants, corn, winter and death, offering himself as a victim each year to cut the grain, and he is reborn in the middle of winter solstice, the sun of Skull spirit.

Neolithic period also saw the development of shrines in Triple Skull Spirit, which is associated with three phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning. Moon provided one of the earliest ways that people calculated time. Since this cycle coincided with female menstrual cycle, which ended in nine moons, if a woman is pregnant, is associated with mystery Moon first birth, as the dead is down, and finally a new life in crescent . Since the Moon is reborn each month or, as it was conceived, gave birth to her daughter each month, it is assumed that the existence of people who followed the same pattern, and the full moon Shone mother to stomach with perfect children.

Full Moon is also associated with later age of romance and passion, at first because it coincided with peak fertility in women. Skull Moon Magic for an increase of love and fertility is still practiced under the auspices of the waxing moon. It was not until around 3000 years ago that the male role in the design is well understood in the West, and only then is the Sky Father deities in a position to seize the mystery of the Holy Mother.

A large stone monolith Skull nun, representing the three main courses of the moon and back between 13,000 and 11,000 BC, was discovered in France in a cave in Bari du aux rook wizards in Angles-sure-l 'Angling. This subject will continue right up to three times Skull Spirit of the Celts, which reflects the cycle of the moon as virgin, mother and adult, an image that also appeared in the classical world.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: