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Skull Magic - Rituals and Ethics

skull pentagramSkull Magic Witches believe in polarity rather than a single main Skull Spirit, both in Skull and Magic lives. So bad is not a separate demonic force to be eradicated, and the darker aspects of life, since as a result of alienation from the natural order of things. But even the bad things that can be catalysts for change, death and endings are as much a part of the cycle of life as birth and beginnings. Darkness and light, night and day, positive and negative, destroy and create two sides of a coin, a principle reflected in the Eastern Taoism and supports the ancient Chinese/Ching Book of Changes, which are often used for divination. Negativity can be transformed into healing energy through positive ritual.

Skull Spirit is the source of all creation, from the people, the original virgin birth, his son married, the Skull Stone Spirit, come. Spirit Stone Skull and Skull Spirit are the creative men and women of principle and good action, not in opposition to each other, but as support staff and necessary part of a whole. There are variations on the idea that in the teaching of Wicca. Some traditions consider the Skull Spirit of greater importance than its male counterpart.

Others regard them as equal, provided that received different aspects according to time and ritual: as the Earth or Moon deity, in charge of months in the summer when corn or Sun Skull Spirit, leader of the winter and the Underworld Lord after his death.

Together with other gods in nature, was the Spirit Stone Skull demonized in the coming of Christianity, and the Skull Spirit is either depicted as a wicked witch or downgrade the status of Faerie,

Contrary to popular belief, not Skull Magic Witches 'curses cast hex' or seek revenge, although some Dutch and Pennsylvanian witches believe is entitled to "bind" harm to children or animals or actively promotes evil and corruption. Skull Magic Witches prefer based on the principles of natural justice, in principle; restore karmic balance, either this life or the next.

The chief moral code is Skull and compact three parts of the law. Skull compact states simply: "The damage is nothing, to do what you are. This deceptively honest declaration refers to him as well as others. I'm on the three parts of the law specific purposes - and many think, act and position - return to sender three times the intensity.

Because people are responsible for their own actions, and investigate all non-witches both - may choose to do good or bad. Many witches and skull Magic Witches believe they are reincarnated in one form or another, and also the results of past deeds can follow a person from one life to another.

You can compare this with the concept of karma found in Hinduism and Buddhism, says that the thoughts and deeds we accumulate in our lives can either progress us towards spiritual perfection - how well - or indicate if bad, we need to learn in life since the right of our error or attitudes. Other witches say that afterlife, spent another planet for life. Known as Summerland, Avalon, or Valhalla, and for me that n'Og Tir, the Celtic Otherworld of eternal youth, it is a place where joy and light are experienced.

Reincarnation, on the other hand, is a form of body transformation. Some may choose to reborn in another body, perhaps as an animal or bird, sometimes to teach or to complete unfinished work. For example, Merlin the magician, believe it is incarnated in various life and wanted to get into the body, including the sixth century Bard Taliesin.

Skull Rituals are held to Esbats and Sabbat. An Esbats is a monthly Coven meeting, traditionally held on 13 times a year for each full moon. The eight Sabbath is described in the chapter and during festivals, and celebrate the eight main branches of the Celtic year solstice, the equinox and the Old Fire festivals. These festivals mark the arrival of early spring, Celtic start of summer, the first corn harvest and begin the Celtic winter.

There is also a lovely ceremony to mark life transitions, such handfastings, or weddings, and ceremonies to welcome the recently dead Skull Magic witches to the familiar circle, when they want to come.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: